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Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Blue Heron

The Hummingbird:  “Every time I look for you, you are never there, yet, when I turn around there you are”

The Heron: “I am the Blue Heron, every time you find yourself it means you have found me”

The Hummingbird: “Then why can’t we just be together?”

The Heron: “When you forget who you are, you chase to serve your life purpose.  When you remember who you are, You and I are One”

The Hummingbird: “It seems so difficult, I just want to be with you”

The Heron: “The Universe was designed for infinite desire.  Being together means the cessation of such desire.  This level of reality was not designed for us”

The Hummingbird: “Then how can we be together?”

The Heron: “We both need to Awaken”

The Hummingbird: “I’ll race you”

The Heron: “Not so fast my Hummingbird dear, not so fast”

The Hummingbird: “I have longed for you for so long that evolution gave me the most resilient wings to fly this epic journey”

The Heron: “I have longed for you for so long that evolution gave me these heavy wings to wait for you in stillness” 

The Hummingbird: “I miss you”

The Heron: “I miss you too”

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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Calling forth the Light during times of darkness

(Originally written 11/1/2014 after a long dream that prepared me to meet baby Aramaea)

It is true that living contrast makes you sprout desires that will ease that contrast.  Unconsciously or consciously, we all do it.

I was born in 1977 when the Peace and Love movement was not just a novelty but already embedded in society as a culture.  The young hippie generation from the 60’s and 70’s lived through the Vietnam War and other strong social challenges that were disconnecting humans from their humanity and they hippie generation did not want to conform with what the older generation was creating in the world.  This young generation felt the contrast that is living in a world lacking peace, lacking love and they wanted it so bad and they pushed and fought against war and social injustice at a conscious level but unconsciously what they were truly doing was summoning what they were lacking, which is the wholesome desire of Peace and Love.  Now, they summoned Peace and love but energy is not always manifested in the way we expect.  The Hippies of that time may not have manifested World Peace and Love, but they manifested my generation. We are the result of that summoning.  We came because we were called.  The people from my generation are the ones holding the information to teach the world how to achieve Peace and Love.  Ever since I can remember, I knew the concept of Peace and I was surprised the first time I learned that there was no World Peace.  I was quite young but I remember being very confused that day.  From a very young age I defended the weak, people and animals; I was a peacemaker and cared for life.  Time has passed and after starting my spiritual path I discovered the concepts of Inner Peace and Self Love and Unconditional Love and I just knew it was part of my quest and the quest of the people from my generation.  The generations from the past did the summoning and we came forth holding the keys for it.  But the older generation not just summoned us but they also paved the way leaving us clues in the forms of books, songs, movies and such so that we can remember what we came here for.  As a young child, I was attracted to the Hippie culture and I was quite sad that it was not around anymore when I was older but everything they did has served my generation to learn, explore and ignite our passion of knowing we can teach and achieve true Peace and Love.  I see others from my generation doing this.  Teaching alternative techniques, holding lectures, organizing gatherings… All to teach how to achieve Inner Peace, Self Love and Unconditional Love.  My generation is very active and passionate about healing the wounds that the older generation had to live at times of war and social unrest when they where summoning peace and love.

Now, my younger sisters, where born in the late 80’s and 90’s.  War and social unrest were over but money was ruling the world and man became blinded by Greed.  There was corporate greed, power abuse, social exploitation, money squandering, egoistical extravagance and such.  Consciously, the world was living greed, selfishness and exploitation. It was a dog eat dog world and people stabbing each other in the back for money.  The people from the 80’s and 90’s lived that contrast but unconsciously they were actually summoning Generosity, True Friendship and Partaking.  My sisters’ generation are the result of that summoning.  You just notice how the people in the mid 20’s are just naturally generous and not afraid to share what they have and know how to offer friendships without hidden agendas.  They do not fear material lack in the future either.  Somehow they just trust and life supports them.  My younger sister said to me one day “Todo es de todos”  “Everything is everyone’s”;  Not just a certain group based on outdated measurements or preconceived judgments; not just mine, not just yours, not just theirs…. Everyone’s.  This generation know the value sharing and the value of appreciating people of all cultures and races. I have seen them creating community gardens, running marathons for a cause, building intentional communities, cohousing, rallying against bullying, promoting equal rights and such.  The generation from the 80’s and 90’s; the ones who summon them, lived the contrast of fear of lack and exploitation and deceitfulness and did their best of fight against it so they left clues for the this generation, the people in their mid 20’s to find and be able to remember why they are here.  We make a good combination; my generation teaching the way of peace, inner peace and self love and unconditional love and my sisters’ generation teaching generosity, social inclusion and partaking.  We can all get along.  All the divisions that previous generations created are nothing but delusion. 

Now, what the world is currently living are times of darkness, lies and confusion. We have tangible proof that have led us to lose trust in the pharmaceutical companies, politicians, banks, education system, religious institutions and more.  Our pollinators are dying, plants are being genetically modified, animals are being hormonally changed, medicine is being poisoned and people are being massacred.   We certainly have good reason to think that our future is uncertain and many are fearful that there will be no future.  That is what we think, that is what we feel, that is the contrast we live but what we are really doing is summoning for the Light, for Clarity, for Truth.  I see this in the young kids and the new babies that are being born.  This new generation is in one short and sweet word “Fearless”.  They are alert, smart, quick and they long for information and freedom.  Technology is their best friend.  Today’s world is paving the way for them inventing the tools that will serve their development.  We have summoned for so much light that it is almost like we called forth the stars to be born as humans so that they can teach us how to shine our own Light in order to find Truth and be truly liberated.  

Let there be Light!  I am a believer and I believe that because all the summoning that the world is doing, in my lifetime, I will actually experience Peace, Love, Generosity, Partaking, Clarity, Truth and total Liberation.  Contrast, suffering, darkness, whatever you want to call it, have a good purpose.  The key is not to get lost in the darkness that is suffering through the contrast and instead realize what is that we are really summoning, what is our true most wholesome desire.  Then, really set the intention to seek for it; to call it, to bring it to manifestation.  To joyfully anticipate the good things coming, because we have manifested the people necessary to achieve it already, so why not just build faith and trust that our needs will be met and wholesome desires will be a reality.  Rest and know that everything will be super duper! 

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This article is the property of Mariela Siwarqinti. No one may alter and/or reproduce it in any way without the express written permission of Mariela Siwarqinti.

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

A Suitcase Full of Stories and Wholesome Desires

I have been hanging on to my story for quite a while.  I was abandoned, sick and all alone, left to my own devices, misjudged, misunderstood and unsupported.  There was a time I used to cry every single day and it went on for months.  If you see me now, you would have never guessed it because I’m always smiling; despite what happened I have been always a happy go lucky person.  If you look at me now, you will see wrinkles around my eyes, which are a physical result of the constant crying, but you will also see the sparkle inside my eyes; that, is the result of building faith.  Faith in myself, faith in my spiritual teacher and his teachings and faith in the powerful force that is God.  The girl that suffered so much for so long was my inspiration to deepen my spiritual path because I knew she wanted to live; she loved life so much and she knew there was more to life than this physical reality, she had a clear conviction.  Even though our spiritual growth and transformation never ceases to end, I would say, my mission to mold that scared, sad and lonely girl into who she is now, has been accomplished.  

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Mystic Rainbows and Divine Ancestors

I had a long dream on Tuesday, November 10, 2015 and in one part of the dream it told me to share with one of my good spiritual friends my experience about the rainbow I saw in real life back in August 2012 after making a soup that I named “Rainbow Soup” because the vegetables I used as ingredients had the colors of the rainbow.  In my dream, I shared the experience and I heard him say: "You have to be kidding me!".  After the dream I did not know when to share it with him but a few things from my dream became true almost overnight so I thought, maybe it is time to tell him the rainbow story today.  I was not sure and I wanted a sign to be sure then after an hour or two my big lapis rock that looks like a alien fell off my computer where I keep him, so I asked the crystal, “What do you want?” and I was reminded to share the rainbow story. 

Friday, October 23, 2015

The Sound of No Noise

What is sound and what is noise?
What is silence and what is stillness?
What is a sound with no noise? 
Is it a melodic sound or is it silence? 
How does your mind judge what is melodic and what is noisy?
What is music to your ears and what is annoying to your ears?

In this 3D world we must judge to come to a conclusion based on our mind’s database of likes and dislikes. But there cannot be likes or dislikes unless we have at least two elements of the same kind to use them as our reference.  Our mind is constantly measuring every experience we have against something similar that we have already experienced and we all do it differently because our experiences are different.  So if I say, this sound has no noise, some people would think I am referring to Silence and some people would think I am referring to Something that Sounds Beautiful, but, both of them are judging Noise as BAD, so if I say This sound has No Noise, both think I am referring to something GOOD.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine…. It would be nice to experience it correctly in my lifetime!

In our spiritual community, we have been working diligently in bringing back the Divine Feminine Energy to bring balance to our planet, which for thousands of years have had a patriarchal approach to rule this world creating detrimental results to nature, our resources and society. 

Every person, no matter our gender has both Masculine and Feminine energies.  We manifest our body and presence to behave like male or female but we all have both energies in us.

If we look at the History of the World, neither the Divine Feminine nor the Divine Masculine have been channeled and manifested properly.  The proper attributes of the Divine Masculine are courage, equanimity, protection, leadership.  It is an energy that seeks to give and it is focused.  The proper attributes of the Divine Feminine are nurturing, healing, creative, caring and gentle.  It is an energy that surrenders to receive and it flows.  The patriarchal approach uses the Masculine energy in a very ineffective and harmful way.  Instead of courageous, it is angry, dominant and competitive.  Instead of equanimous, it is emotionless, cold and indifferent.  Instead of protective, it is possessive and greedy and instead of using leadership, it intimidates and slaves.  Therefore instead of seeking to give it seeks to overindulge creating insatiability that has depleted our planet of natural resources. 

Monday, August 31, 2015

Indignation. The road of the Warrior, the Path of the Leader


How dare you?!?!  How dare you to stare me in the eye and tell me I am not deserving?!?! How dare you take away what I have built?!?! How dare you choose a life for me?!?!  Don’t you know who I am?!? Don’t you know who I have become?!?

I cannot become less then I am and it took me lifetimes to forge my inner strength, my passion, my faith.  I will be damned if I let you take it away from me.  I will not be intimidated because life has forced me to cultivate courage and now I AM FEARLESS and I will not give my Will Power away anymore.  I release myself and all my ancestors from the shackles of fear and self-condemnation.  Weak I AM NO MORE. I will start a Revolution in the name of Evolution, in the name of Love!

Friday, July 17, 2015

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?


A tree fell close to where I live.  It fell due to bugs eating the inside bark and roots.  It was too weak to keep holding itself so it fell and later in the week it was removed.  It happened at night.  I did not see or hear it happening but I saw it in the morning.  After inspecting the tree and the whole it left it just made me think of impermanence and causes and conditions, Alice in wonderland, portal to the other side. Rebirth for the tree, the spirit of the tree, etc.  I actually noticed my mind going through its database to find an explanation for what happened.  It was not particularly important for me to know this answer this day so I went on with my day without thinking about it again.
This morning, the first thing my mind said to me was: “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”  I have never thought of this question before and I did not connect this to what happened to the tree at all, but all of the sudden my mind started to dictate the answer as well and it said: “The tree does not have to make a sound to get your reaction.  You just have to know that it fell and immediately the mind will go to its database to find an answer that will suit your understanding and it will be different for everyone.  Some people will ignore the fact that a tree fell because they have bigger worries.  Some people will find someone to blame.  Some people will be fearful that other trees will do the same putting their safety at risk.  Some people will find humor to this situation.  Some will worry about the animals that lost its home.  Some will connect this with an omen, a superstition, a synchronicity, a “sign”.  But there are some…..Who will just know that this is how the universe works, find acceptance and move on because their mind is just Still”

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Have you ever been in love?

Very deep past emotional memories from habitual behavior in our relationships can come back to haunt us in the new relationship we are trying to build.  Ask yourself this: Have you ever been truly loved? Have you truly loved?

If you look at yourself now, you can see how the signs of “aging” are showing, but if you sit quietly with your mind, would you notice any signs of maturing?  Look at the patterns you are repeating in your relationships, are they still the same patterns that the YOU from the past used to make or have you created new patterns of behavior based on the new person you have become?  The beliefs and habits of the YOU from the past got you in that relationship you ended.  So, why would the YOU from the past still choose the love partners for the YOU of the present?  As we release the relationship that is ending, we should also release the beliefs and habits that helped creating it so that instead of creating a similar one in the future.  We should instead, explore from our new point of experience and wisdom to create a new reality for our new relationship. 

Now, ask yourself this: Do you want to be happy or do you want to be in love? People are happy when things are going their way and according to their expectation.  If things are going your way then you are being pleased, which means someone else is doing the pleasing.  But, what happens when that other person stops pleasing?  Being happy is not being in love.  Being in love means letting yourself feel and explore all the range of emotions that you as a human being are capable of, from one end to the other.  You let yourself be joyful as well as sad, compassionate as well as angry, passionate as well as depressed.  You can empower as well as blame, forgive and repent.  You loose yourself in lust as well as in tenderness and innocence.  You FEEL.  You aren’t just Happy, you FEEL Happy, plus all the other emotions, after all they all come from the same source: YOU.  Explore YOU, know how it FEELS when your love-partner is close and you know how it FEEL when your love-partner is gone and everything in between.  Put mindfulness in the feeling of your whole being and find out for yourself.

When you love as a human, you rejoice in each others happiness, you desire with all your heart to bring relief to each others torments, you feel tranquility in each others presence and you feel sadness for each others absence.  Human love is ENGAGED emotions.  Feel it!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Fear and the door mat…. A love story


When you intend to be an open door but people miss to see the entrance and all they see is a door mat, it does not mean you are a door mat.  It means their eye sight won’t see beyond the door mat.  It has nothing to do with you. It has everything to do with them.  There is a Rumi quote that says “Why do you stay in prison when the door is wide open?”  The reason is the same; over and over again…Fear.  Fear has many forms and disguises.  Nobody wants to be afraid and many don’t even think that their feeling is fear.  They may say they are confused, angry, lonely, uninterested, etc.  The process of the translation from energy to a feeling is tricky.  It’s like seeing a magician pouring milk into a hat and pulling out a rabbit.  Completely not related or expected.  The truth is that fear not also disguises itself and lies to you but it also keeps you BLIND, and therefore makes you miss on many wonderful opportunities even when they are right in front of you. 
Now, to continue, I am going to explain to you fear in a different way.  Fear, does not mean to be afraid or terrorized.  As humans, in this material world, we were created with different elements such as our organs, senses, cognition, etc, and all of them are important for us to thrive…. Even fear.  The reason we push fear away is because we do not know how to use it effectively.  Fear does not feel good to us so we tend to push away everything that does not feel good, therefore we miss the chance of exploring fear as a tool of advancement for our life.  Yes! Fear can be a tool for advancement in your life, no typos here.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Inner Child, Outer Adult

Healing Deep Wounds and Turning Yourself Inside Out
From Lecture at Oasis in Carr Mill
June 10, 2015

So, who here has hurtful memories from childhood? Please raise your hand
·      How many of you have worked on healing those wounds?
o   By forgiving or trying to forgive? Or By forgetting or trying to forget?
o   Which one, are you forgiving or are you forgetting?
·      When I say: “Lets Erase the wound”. How many of you resonate with this solution?
·      Now, How many of you have tried to “Own” your wound?  By Owning the wound, I mean acknowledging what happened and Accepting that whatever happened Caused a Wound that became a source of pain, sorrow, anger, fear…  A Wound that kept us Limited or Scared to Move Forward.
·      Who wants to OWN this, right? But you have to own it in order to heal it.  You may be able to erase a scar, but no an open wound.  The first step towards healing is to be honest with ourselves.  Take ownership of that would and work on healing it.
·      Have you heard the saying “Times Heals”?
·      Have you heard the doctrine that “Time is an Illusion”?
·      Which one do you think is true?
·      Both?
o   If time is an illusion then how can it heal?
o   Is pain also an illusion?... No, that cannot be true, right? Because it feels so real!
o   Time also feels so real… Don’t you feel yourself getting older?

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Magicians, Wands, Spells and Leaps of Faith


A magic wand is a prop.  Real magic comes from and through the magician, the healer, the shaman.  The magic wand is only a prop intended to distract attention from the magician and for people to have a visual that magic truly exist, specially in this reality where people look for tangible proof to believe in something. It is a mind trick created by the magician to deter attention from what is really going on.  Magic wands do hold some power but they cannot work by themselves and they do not work when the person who holds it does not know where or how to direct the power.  The most important power a magic wand has is amplifying the vibration of the magician and therefore enlarging the magicians capabilities making him/her more effective. When the magician uses his/her wand, the wand becomes an extension of the magician who's powers become amplified by the wand.  The magician direct this power through the wand to the object and when people see the magician using the wand they also direct their attention to it and believing that there is power coming from the wand gives support to the power of the spell the magician uses.  The wand has amplifying power because it has been affected by the current or previous magicians who set an intention to the wand so that it can serve the magician.  The more magicians setting intention to the same wand, the more effective and precious it is!

Monday, April 6, 2015

From A Place of Pure Magic... Among friends

Mariela: Go ahead, ask me anything!
Alex: Ok, what is the meaning of Life? 
Mariela: Well, the question is wrong
Alex: Why?
Mariela: Because it is redundant.  Life is meaningful PERIOD!  You put the meaning into life and it is what ever it means to you.  If you think life sucks, then that is what it means to you.  If you think life is great then that is what it means to you.  It all depends on the value you give to it and the value you give to it depends on the effort you put into your life.  
So, it is Effort -> Value -> Meaning.  That is what life is.  And when I say effort, I do not mean “struggle”.  Effort is how much you are willing to feel, how much are you willing to love, to let go, to experience.  Effort is how eager you are of living your life.
Alex: Ok… That was nice
Mariela: Nice?!?!  It is true, not just nice!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Hummingbird Dream

Originally written on 10/13/14

I had a dream, I was a hummingbird sleeping in the highlands of the Andes slowing down my heart so that I could survive the frigid temperatures of the night and waiting patiently for the sun to come and send me a sun ray to touch my heart so that I can fully wake up and come back to full life again.  At the same time the hummingbird had a dream of being a girl discovering she was really a hummingbird and following the steps to achieve the transformation she needed so she can finally fly the long awaited journey. 

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

An End is a Beginning

Started on 10/9/2014, completed on 3/25/2015 

The day of my wedding was a beautiful sunny day in May, not a cloud in the sky. I was filled with joy.  The day I filed for divorce was a beautiful sunny day in October, not a cloud in the sky.  It is interesting how I feel just as joyful.  The event is completely different but the level of happiness is just the same.
I know many people would not understand this because we have been raised to believe that weddings are happy events and divorces are not.  For me, the reason why this event feels just as happy is because ever since my separation almost two years ago, I have been working on myself to heal my heart from the break up. The best thing that worked for me was meditation; especially Loving-kindness meditation which is sending love to yourself and others sincerely and without judgment.  Break ups hurt but the heart is a muscle and muscles can be trained to gain strength.  I loved the man who used to be my husband for 15 years.  I loved him very deeply.  When I met him I was very impressed of how generous, kind, loving and hard working he was.  He loved my family and my family loved him as well.  His family loved me too and I loved them as well.  It did not take me long to fall in love.  He told me he has never fallen in love before and neither have I.  It was a first for both of us.  It was  a great love.  It was meant to be… while the causes and conditions were the same. (Always remember “Impermanence”) 
Deciding to separate was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life so far.  I gave this man and relationship my heart and soul… how do you claim that back?…. It turns out you can… Actually, your heart and your soul are always yours so you can never really give them away. 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Learning and Nurturing Abilities

From the wise three year old in me:
"It takes me longer to learn
It takes me longer to understand
It takes me longer to find solutions.... But this is changing.  As I practice I develop my brain and as I nurture myself I evolve as human"
It is important for me to take my time to first understand how important a subject is so that I take interest in learning how to do, resolve or maintain something.
The reason why three year olds ask "Why" a lot has two parts:
1.  The sense of curiosity and exploring is natural
2.  They want to UNDERSTAND why the subject is important in relationship to their life.
Without an adult explaining the importance of the subject in a way a child would understand, the child's mind will refuse to learn.
The first seed to plant when training a child is to capture his/her attention.
Second, we have to keep the child engaged.
Third, is to keep track and celebrate his/her success,  correct errors and give more practice time or find other ways to teach/train the child if he/she is not succeeding.