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Monday, January 12, 2015

Mustering The Courage to Master High Emotions


Yesterday, four of my favorite songs came in the radio while I was driving on the highway at night.  It started with the song "Take me to Church" by Hozier.  The song is about sex, but it is ingeniously covered with words of double meaning and gospel music.  I love this song and even thought is about sex, it makes me feel connected to God because I do understand of the sacredness of the masculine and feminine union and how through the emotions and motions of the body we become connected directly to God when we reach ecstasy.  More than the words, I love the gospel sound of this song.  It makes me feel profound, faithful and longing for connection, spiritual connection to feel my wholeness and holiness.   The next song was “He is going the Distance” by Cake.  This song also triggers high emotions in me; emotions of readiness and drive to make things happen with passion and determination regardless of the outside world.  Being unstoppable and making your own rules.  Same thing, the words and sound turn a switch in my emotions, where I feel my heart go into a frenzy that makes me feel alive and kicking.  The third song was “Riptide” by Vence Joy.  This brings strong feelings of innocence, sweetness and yearning of pure love, nevertheless very intense.  It is a simple song but I love the passion that the singer puts into delivering the lyrics.  I feel the energy and sincerity of it and it brings out the same high emotions in me. Sweet and loving but very strong.  I call it my 2014 summer song and a song that reminds me of this guy I fell in love with and how I felt our situation was turning.  Every time I would see him I would remember this song, because I was aware of my high emotions and yearning for him, and I could also feel the vibration of his emotions and feelings which where also intense.  I usually don’t feel people’s vibration unless I tune purposely into them, which I do for healing or alignment reading purposes, however, for him, the vibration was just there, out in the open.  It was actually hard to tune out of it.