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Sunday, July 17, 2016

An Ocean of Lies, a Journey of Darkness

Even in the ocean of calmness there is debris.  Don’t ever judge yourself harshly then create false information (lies) to hide in a cage of self-judgment.  When the other people pierce through the veil of that false information you created, they will only see the prison of self-judgment you created for yourself and instead of helping you out, they will help judge you because that was what you created.  Don’t be surprise when people judge you in the same manner you judge yourself.  Even the ocean has debris, but that debris are also part of nature.  You cannot avoid the way nature flows because you are also nature.  Accept yourself as you are.  Life is always in a state of flux and debris will come and go based on the flow of the elements in nature.  See yourself as always in divine harmony, accept and love yourself to avoid creating false information and delusion for others.  Even when you think you have let yourself or others down, if you start remembering all the other great things you have done, drop self-judgment and completely love yourself, then people will do that too because that is what you are creating.  You may think that by creating false information you are protecting yourself or others, but the truth is that people can sense the energy of that delusion you crated.  They know it is false and when they discover it, they will only help you continue to create what you created, either a prison of self-judgment or acceptance, forgiveness and love for yourself.  You decide, this is your life, your thoughts, your creation, your reality.