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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Organic.... Feeling the human in me

There is a Heart that beats with harmonious rhythm.
There is a mind that thinks in subtle patterns.
There is an energy that is connected to an electrifying life force.
In the middle of it, I AM an organic machine that loves, thinks and feels.
I am sure of my presence. I am sure of my form. But who AM I really without all this working through me?
Would I ever let it go? Would I ever let it reign?
Would I ever let it be in balance and harmony with each element running through my cells?

As long as I love, as long as I love, as long as I love... As long as I love everything is A-OK.

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Monday, March 13, 2017

Three simple elements of Success

Your talent.
The opportunities you are able to notice.
The people who help you achieve them.

It is not just you.
You did not just get a lucky break.
People didn’t just put it on your lap.

There are three elements and it is healthy to recognize and honor all of them.  It will keep you proud of who you are and the success you are experiencing but also humble as you know it cannot be achieved in self-centeredness.  We are all interconnected, we all have our talent and the people create the environment that gives birth to the opportunities around us.

If you become arrogant and don’t accept the help of others, you may miss good opportunities; then there cannot be success.
If there are good opportunities and people willing to help you but you don’t trust your talents, then, there cannot be success.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Healing Fear and Self-Sabotage

Sabotage comes from deep within our subconscious,  so deep that we may not even know we are sabotaging ourselves and may look like it is others who are sabotaging our efforts.  The reason for self-sabotage is always the same: Fear, and recognizing the types of fear and how they sabotage us is very helpful. 
Almost too often you will hear people say that we have to make decisions out of “Love instead of Fear” or the catch phrase “Fear-based” to describe a particular action people take, but it really does not serve you much if you do know the multiple dimensions of Fear.  Is it Fear? Is it Terror? Is it Confusion? Is it a simple Warning? Is this my Inner Wisdom trying to protect me from something that could be detrimental to my life or is this unfounded and completely delusional terror? 

But why do we even feel "fear" really?