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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Returning to the Heart

Be where your Heart is.  Put your mind right back where your Heart is.  Your Heart is in your physical body.  Your Heart chakra is also in your physical body.
It is your mind that strays away, not the Heart, never the Heart.

People may say, “I’m here but my Heart is somewhere else”.  Nonsense! Stand where you are and place your hand on your chest.  That is where you Heart truly is.
The mind will wonder into expectation for the future, yearning for the present to be different or reminiscing memories from the past.  But your Heart is right here with you at all times. 

Do not confuse the wishes of the mind with the longings of the Heart.  Your Heart longs for you to be right here right now with it. 

Do not abandon it.  Your mind may want to be somewhere else but trust that you are where you are needed to be and your Heart is always right there with you.

Perhaps, the only reason we have a physical body is so that we have a place to keep our Heart safe like a locket and not lose it when the mind is so busy going from one place to another.  

Perhaps, the whole purpose of our breath is to bring the mind back to the Heart, to unite them in holy matrimony so that them may be together forever honoring and loving each other.

So, right here, right now, take a deep breath and bring your mind back to the love of your Heart.

Feel safe, be gentle, feel loved.  

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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Too much Doing, not enough Being – A lesson from the Inner Child

My Heart said:
“Follow me”
I said:
“Do you know where you are going?”
“No, but I know the one who knows The Way”

Today, this lady I hardly know but is always very nice, came to me and told me:
“I’m sorry if I’m being presumptuous but you look like a dancer.  Do you dance? Because you walk like you are a dancer .“ 
I said:
“I am not a professional dancer but I belly dance.  I have taken classes before and it is my number one hobby.”

So she told me about all these dancing shows and workshops coming up by the American Dance Festival in the month of June, right when I will have a break from work.  I thought it would be a great idea to check them out so she was kind enough to bring me the booklet with all the information about it. 
As I was looking through the pages, I was grabbed by the colors on the pages, the pictures of the dancers and the abundance of shows and workshops coming up and I said to myself:
“You mean I can be a real dancer?!?!”
I was so happy, I started planning my vacation and budget around it thinking The Universe must have aligned this opportunity for me. 

I had to stop and go back to do my work, then a few minutes later my Inner Child came to me and said:
“Pinocchio wants to tell you something”

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Guiding Light of Compassion

Compassion is guilt that has been released of all judgment.  So forgive yourself often to experience compassion, to experience your innocence.  Acts of kindness will follow.
My Ancestors came this morning and said: “We would like a word with you”.

I went “Oh, Oh”. 

I knew it had to be something big.  I usually feel my Ancestors behind me, supporting me, they are always there but they rarely talk.  

I knew it had to be big but I said: “I’m running late now”.  

They said: “Don’t worry, we will be in touch”