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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Inner Child, Outer Adult

Healing Deep Wounds and Turning Yourself Inside Out
From Lecture at Oasis in Carr Mill
June 10, 2015

So, who here has hurtful memories from childhood? Please raise your hand
·      How many of you have worked on healing those wounds?
o   By forgiving or trying to forgive? Or By forgetting or trying to forget?
o   Which one, are you forgiving or are you forgetting?
·      When I say: “Lets Erase the wound”. How many of you resonate with this solution?
·      Now, How many of you have tried to “Own” your wound?  By Owning the wound, I mean acknowledging what happened and Accepting that whatever happened Caused a Wound that became a source of pain, sorrow, anger, fear…  A Wound that kept us Limited or Scared to Move Forward.
·      Who wants to OWN this, right? But you have to own it in order to heal it.  You may be able to erase a scar, but no an open wound.  The first step towards healing is to be honest with ourselves.  Take ownership of that would and work on healing it.
·      Have you heard the saying “Times Heals”?
·      Have you heard the doctrine that “Time is an Illusion”?
·      Which one do you think is true?
·      Both?
o   If time is an illusion then how can it heal?
o   Is pain also an illusion?... No, that cannot be true, right? Because it feels so real!
o   Time also feels so real… Don’t you feel yourself getting older?