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Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Enlightened Being

8/25/2014 (New Moon)

Again, something amazing happened so that I can receive a clear message.  This past few days I had high emotions and I had plans today that did not materialize because I was not feeling well.  I decided to take a nap, but when I woke up I did not feel any different, so I did other things to get out of the mood that was hounding me.  I danced, I took a shower and I went for a walk to the lake with the intention to put my feet on the grass and let Mother Nature nurture me with Prana energy.
It was a beautiful day and I felt good as I was walking to that magical place I found that has become my sanctuary and Chestnut’s playground.  When I got there, I noticed this pigeon on the ground by the bushes standing still.  I started walking towards it to take a picture, but knowing pigeons I knew it was gonna fly away quickly, but this one didn’t.  

I got very close and was able to take a close up and look right into her eyes and she seemed very calm and actually happy.  I did not want to get closer because I did not want to scare her away; I thought that maybe it was hurt and could not fly so I let her be.  Then I continued to take a picture of a dragonfly thinking “I hope Chestnut does not see the pigeon, because it might try to get it”  As I am taking the picture Chestnut comes, sees the pigeon and grabs her and continues to run with her in his mouth.  I felt so upset because I saw him in the corner of my eye coming, but because I was taking the picture I did not react on time.  I ran after him and heard the pigeon cry and was able to get it and scare the dog away. I grabbed the pigeon with my hands and to my surprise, she was just as calm and serene as she was when I took the picture.  I was so startled because although she did not seem to be bleeding some of her feathers came off when Chestnut grabbed her, and she had some scratches.  The magnificent thing was that she was completely calm, still, her heart beat was not even accelerated and her eyes were completely peaceful.  I was startled! Completely startled!  How did she do it?  She obviously had physical wounds that looked painful.  How did this bird achieved completed state of Samadhi?  Who was she really or what has she become?  Did God come to teach me a lesson and did I encounter a Being that just achieved Buddhahood?
This huge questions were in my head as I was taking her to this big branch for safety.  At that moment I became very present.  I forgot about Chestnut or anything else.  I placed her on this branch and she came off my hand completely calm and could not stop staring at me with peace in her eyes like telling me “Now you have physical proof that you can be wounded but still can remain calm, still, and at peace”. As human, and knowing the things I have learned, I remember the Dalai Lama saying that the karma from his past has prepared him for the person and spiritual leader he is now.  I feel the same way and I am very grateful that I am able to meet great teachers and be in a safe environment to learn these great teachings.  I do feel shame that my practice is not as diligent.  Even knowing what I know, I still get lost in clinging onto thoughts that keep me away from the present moment and I still get lost in the pain of emotions and memories.  This bird delivered a huge lesson and I feel lucky to have witnessed a truly enlightened Being.
I made her a nest to keep her away from harm and she let me.  I placed leaves, grass, sticks and branches all around her, she was never scared.  She remained in state of Samadhi the whole time.  I told her that I would do as much as it is in my power to protect her and heal her wounds but I sensed that she may not live for long, but has accepted her destiny in peace.  I offered her Reiki first when I was holding her, but then changed to Pranic Healing when I put her in the nest.  As I was energizing her, instead of my hand going back, it kept going towards her and I felt clearly the drawing of energy off my hand.  Energizing usually takes a few seconds but this went on for several minutes.  It warmed my heart that we were both very receptive.
After I felt she was safe enough, I left and took with me some of the feathers that came off her body when Chestnut grabbed her.  I thought for me, they will be a reminder of what I can achieve if I keep a true practice.  I guess, they are also relics as I truly believe the bird achieved Buddhahood. 
Coming back home I thought of something else.  Here I am thinking, she was a bird becoming enlightened and attaining Buddhahood but maybe she was a wounded bird who asked God for help.  When she saw me, she trusted God heard her, so she remained calmed and still so that God could help her through me, and I did because she was able to remain calm and still so that I could do as much as possible for her.  Her faith allowed her to surrender fear so that God can reach her and heal her. 
Then, my lessons are two.  It is possible to remain calm, still and peaceful even when you are wounded.  Also, as you remain calm, still and at peace, God will be able to reach and help you.  In both cases, it taught me to trust myself, keep a strong faith and a steady practice.  In developing a spiritual life, you may not know who your next teacher or your next healer will be but one thing is for sure, our receptiveness bring divine encounters that makes us expand in wisdom and compassion.  You can accumulate material possessions and feel rich, but material things are impermanent, they can come and go at anytime.  However, once you expand spiritually, it creates a kind of treasure within that is immeasurable! and no one can take that away from you, not even death.  Instead, you will take it as good seeds in your karma bag for your next life.... Of course, that is if you do not become enlightened in this lifetime.... Here is to hoping! ;)

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  1. Great Story! What a wonderful lesson and experience.