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Thursday, September 18, 2014



Patterns are nothing but hard-core habits and habits are nothing but repetitive actions. However, all these habits/patterns exist so that harmony and balance can prevail. All patterns work harmoniously.  They may not be of benefit to everyone or every living being but they all work harmoniously to achieve balance. 
Most patterns are created at an unconscious level but all of them are perceived at an intuitive level. 
The only reason I say “MOST” is because through out the ages we have demonstrated to work at an unconscious level.  For example, when we learn to drive a car we put 100% of our attention into learning how to drive the car; in other words, we act “consciously”, but once we learn how to drive a car then we shift to unconscious mode to drive it.  How many of you catch yourself driving and not remembering how you got there because your mind was somewhere else?  You were not focusing your attention on driving but you were driving unconsciously.
The shift from unconscious to conscious is simply on the focusing.  Once you focus your attention, you start working consciously.  Most patterns are created unconsciously but if we focus our attention, we can create patterns consciously.  We have the power to do so.  However, ALL patterns have one main task in common: They work harmoniously to achieve balance.  You can choose to create a pattern consciously but until harmony and balance are achieved , all the elements that you try to affect with the new pattern are going to suffer because they are going to resist, and then they will either cease to exist or allow and move along.  For example: The number one New Year’s resolution is? ”To lose some weight”.  What is needed to lose weight?  Changing an eating pattern and/or adding an exercising pattern. 

So, lets say you have consciously decided to exercise everyday first thing in the morning.  In the beginning, you will experience chaos and confusion with the other task that you do in your life or the people you interact with in your daily life because you added one more task to your schedule and that was not the pattern.  There was a pattern already there; the one where you did not work out first thing in the morning and people, including yourself have learned to live with it and they found harmony and balance with that pattern.  Because the new pattern is disturbing the harmony and balance that already existed, you will experience resistance and if the resistance is very strong, it will make you quit.  However, if you do your best to work things out, move things around to allow the change you will be working towards new harmony and balance and once this is achieve the new exercising habit will become a part of your life and it will be your new pattern. 
Also, the bigger the change, the bigger the resistance, chaos and confusion.  For example, the new weather pattern the whole earth is experiencing right now.
Most people do not notice patterns.  However, everybody can notice a pattern.  Again, it has to do with focusing your attention to what you are looking at.  People may not care to notice a pattern but EVERY LIVING BEING will notice a pattern at an intuitive level.  Our intuition is our best teacher and it seeks harmony and balance, this is why it notices a pattern and it will make you follow that pattern when it feels it is right for you and you can either resist it or allow it.  Allowing takes diligence and focusing but it is much better than resisting and suffering.
However, just because a pattern exist it does not mean it cannot be broken or changed.  For example, many years ago the pattern was, birds fly, humans don’t.  Now, this is no longer true.  We have the power to change all patterns. 
In addition, not all patterns are appropriate for everybody.  As I said before, your intuition will only pick the ones that work for you because they bring you harmony and balance and this is based on your life, the people around you and environment.  This could be viewed as a collective pattern but it is only because the people around you is also surrounded by the same people and the same environment.  For example, a bench by the pond in a park near your house.  The pattern can be that everyday at noon, someone sits in that bench to each lunch.  Seeing this behavior in your neighborhood will make you unconsciously create this behavior in yourself as well.  Because you see this pattern in your neighborhood the bench at the park by the pond becomes a desired item and to achieve harmony and balance within yourself YOU MUST HAVE IT for yourself.  Since you want to achieve harmony and balance, you begging to develop other habits in your life in order to claim that chair, like preparing your lunch early to get there early or looking out the window constantly until the bench is empty so that you can go out and have your lunch there.  You may not know it, but this may be the behavior that your other neighbors follow as well, so it could be viewed as a collective pattern.  However, if you don’t like parks or ponds to begin with, there is no harmony or balance to achieve in this situation so you will not follow the collective pattern even though the your neighbors do.
To close, patterns are very profound because they are everywhere and work at deep and sacred levels.  One can go crazy studying patterns and predicting what the pattern will bring but the best advise I received was.  All patterns work to achieve harmony and balance…. All of them.  Change what you can change and accept what you cannot change.  If you cannot change it, don’t get lost in the uncertainty of what they will bring.  It is not too important what the current pattern could cause in the future; what is more important is to experience the unfolding of it. That is where the fun is.  That is where opportunity is born. 

In short, all patterns work to achieve harmony and balance. Do not get lost in the uncertainty of what the pattern will bring. The more you study patterns and their possible outcomes, the less time you have to enjoy the present time. It is more important to experience life as it unfolds. The unfolding of it is where the fun is and where the opportunities are born. :)

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