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Friday, September 19, 2014

Energy Medicine


In this field we believe that the body starts getting ill at an energetic level first caused by damaging or limiting believes in our mind and triggered by our attachment to those beliefs when we are witnessing the environment around us.  If that is not treated then it affects our emotional body, this is where people start feeling the first symptoms of what later becomes physical decease.  The longer we hold on to damaging believes and the longer we ignore or suppress our emotions, the more ill the physical body will become.  Once a problem becomes physical then it has to be treated at every level so that it does not show up again.  Medication and counseling help but only partially at the physical and emotional level.   Adding energy therapies can clear the root cause of the illness and it makes the patient more aware of what is in their mind and emotions, also triggers and other limiting believes that sabotage their well being. In addition, receiving or giving energy medicine helps us become more receptive and able to tap into other energy fields around us that are beneficial to our well being, like trees, plants, animals, water, air, all these natural wonders, diminishing our risk to become ill again and our dependency on others to help us heal.

Eastern, Native American and other ancient cultures have a complete approach to treat illness, including spiritual and energetic level, something that modern medicine lacks.  Also, their approach at treating at physical level starts at nurturing and strengthening the body in order to prevent illnesses .  When I studied the Southeast Wise Women traditions I was reminded of many ways to heal the body using herbs and nutrition.  I was also amazed to find out that the healing traditions they were teaching where similar to the healing traditions I experienced throughout my childhood in Ecuador, my home-place.  I was glad to know that in many places these healing traditions are still relevant and effective; they have stand the test of time and have traveled across the world.  Also, the most important elements to point out is that they are natural and can treat all levels of illness, physical, mental, emotional and energetic.  Twice in my life I have been nurture back to health by three wise women, my mother and my great-aunt and my sister.  All of them followed two key components: traditions passed on by their ancestors and the wise women's intuition.  Because we are all indeed supported by as strong lineage of wise men and women and our intuition is the bridge that lets us communicate with our ancestors to bring forward and keep these timeless healing traditions alive.     

The truth is that when we work on developing our intuition and our conscious connection to the ethereal world, then we are able to tap into sacred wisdom that can be passed onto us by divine teachers, masters, ancestors, etc. so that we can heal, evolve and even become enlightened.  
In Eastern traditions, the Buddha is regarded as The Great Doctor, because he can remove suffering of the body and mind.
The next passage I would like to quote completely because it comes from the first and most venerable teacher I follow, Ven. Master Hsing Yun and his book "Sutra of the Medicine Buddha with an Introduction, Comments and Prayers" Page 160 to 161:
"According to the sutras, a famous physician named Jivaka further advanced his medical practice and mastered additional skills by learning from the Buddha and following his instructions.  Jivaka performed several remarkable surgical procedures, earning a respectable reputation in the medical field.  One of his well-known operations involved the repair of an obstructed colon.  Jivaka performed this surgery using a sequence of techniques similar to contemporary practices: administering anesthesia, opening the abdominal region, repairing the colon and finally closing the incision with stitches.  Though a trained physician, Jivak became even more competent in his mastery of medicine under the Buddha's spiritual and medical guidance.
In addition to records about the Buddha and Jivaka, numerous sutras such as: Sutra of the Buddha's Diagnoses [Fo Yi Jing], Sutra of the Buddha as a great Doctor [Yi Yu Jing], Sutra on relieving Piles [Liao Bing Zhi Jing], Sutra on Healing Mental and Physical Illness Resulting from Improper Meditation [Zhi Chanbing Miyao Jing], ...  all, contain many other references to the Buddha's knowledge about medicine.  The Buddha truly deserves to be regarded as the grand patriarch of Buddhist medicine...  The Buddha eliminated disease by going to the heart of the cause and drawing upon his knowledge and the proper remedy.  In the Gradual discourses of the Buddha [Ekottarikagama Sutra], the Buddha explained that an imbalance of chi, an overabundance of phemg, and an increase or decrease in the body's temperature could be treaded with clarified butter, honey and oil-based food respectively.  
Regarding mental health, greed, anger and ignorance are understood as the three gravest psychological diseases.  The Buddha taught that greed could be cured by the contemplation of the impurity, anger by the contemplation and practice of kindness, and ignorance by the contemplation of the true nature of all things and the cultivation of wisdom." 

I would quote other great spiritual healers but I think the above examples are enough to point out of our own capability to tap into ethereal world to acquire the wisdom to eradicate physical illness, mind poisons, emotional wounds and energetic contaminations that block our well-being.  We all have the capability to heal our own bodies, but until then, having the helping hand of a professional will take us into the path of true wellness. 

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