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Friday, October 23, 2015

The Sound of No Noise

What is sound and what is noise?
What is silence and what is stillness?
What is a sound with no noise? 
Is it a melodic sound or is it silence? 
How does your mind judge what is melodic and what is noisy?
What is music to your ears and what is annoying to your ears?

In this 3D world we must judge to come to a conclusion based on our mind’s database of likes and dislikes. But there cannot be likes or dislikes unless we have at least two elements of the same kind to use them as our reference.  Our mind is constantly measuring every experience we have against something similar that we have already experienced and we all do it differently because our experiences are different.  So if I say, this sound has no noise, some people would think I am referring to Silence and some people would think I am referring to Something that Sounds Beautiful, but, both of them are judging Noise as BAD, so if I say This sound has No Noise, both think I am referring to something GOOD.