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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Too much Doing, not enough Being – A lesson from the Inner Child

My Heart said:
“Follow me”
I said:
“Do you know where you are going?”
“No, but I know the one who knows The Way”

Today, this lady I hardly know but is always very nice, came to me and told me:
“I’m sorry if I’m being presumptuous but you look like a dancer.  Do you dance? Because you walk like you are a dancer .“ 
I said:
“I am not a professional dancer but I belly dance.  I have taken classes before and it is my number one hobby.”

So she told me about all these dancing shows and workshops coming up by the American Dance Festival in the month of June, right when I will have a break from work.  I thought it would be a great idea to check them out so she was kind enough to bring me the booklet with all the information about it. 
As I was looking through the pages, I was grabbed by the colors on the pages, the pictures of the dancers and the abundance of shows and workshops coming up and I said to myself:
“You mean I can be a real dancer?!?!”
I was so happy, I started planning my vacation and budget around it thinking The Universe must have aligned this opportunity for me. 

I had to stop and go back to do my work, then a few minutes later my Inner Child came to me and said:
“Pinocchio wants to tell you something”
I saw Pinocchio come from behind her and he said:
“The only reason I wanted to be a real boy was because I found out I was a puppet.  There is nothing wrong with being a puppet when you don’t know there is anything else but that.  But, I was Awaken to the fact I could be more.  So I wanted to be more!  Then, I started this journey of seeking; how, when and where in order to become that real boy, not knowing that it was already in my destiny to be a real boy.  Because you see, in Nature, we all grow and evolve to be what we were created to be, naturally. But I didn’t know that, so I chose the journey.  In this journey, I learned, I cried, I laughed, I hurt, I loved and eventually I did become a real boy.  But the biggest discovery I had was that the journey only changed my shell.  I only changed on the outside.  In the inside, I remained the same; I remained the same loving, curious, innocent being I was when I was still a puppet.  That never left me, that remained a constant.  There was a part of me who enrolled on a journey of change, but there was a BIGGER part of me who came along to witness the trip but was untouched by the circumstances: my sense of joy, courage and wonder, my light, my breath… my love…
People change shells multiple times in life but there is an essence that always remains. 
To that essence we go back to. 
To that essence we shall call to, whenever we think we should be something else we think we are not.”

Then, I remembered the booklet and  I said:
“Wait, then I’m already a real dancer!  If I was to take the workshops, only my style of dance will change, BUT the joy of moving to the rhythm of the music will stay the same. I have always been, are and will be a dancer.” 

It was a moment of clarity, so I decided to let my nature evolve naturally as I enjoy the music, instead of chasing the call to be a dancer.
After all, the part of us that is Calling and the part of us that Answers the Call are only orchestrating a journey for a good story to tell.  The Essence however, remains in silence always being what you already are, witnessing your journey and waiting for the traveler to return to what has always been there.

The most loving and innocent part of myself taught me a lesson today.  I have said it before, the Inner Child is the most compassionate being within you. It speaks to us, in fairy tales, in lullabies, in whispering gentle words, lovingly, but wisely. The true Inner Child is wholesome Heart and timeless Wisdom.

Yes, the journey can be exciting, purposeful and meaningful, but be very careful of the chase because there could be times when you may grow in frustration thinking you don't have the necessary budget, time, tools or people to accomplish something you committed to.  The frustration can mess with your sense of worthiness and either jealousy, sadness or anger could arise.  The Heart knows this so well because it has felt the pain of your frustration while knowing that you already are what you think you are not.  Also, the Heart, your Inner Child knows that deep down you just want to be Happy, so just be Happy, just BE and let yourself flow to the rhythm of the natural evolution of your own becoming.

Nurture your Happiness and the rest will follow.

My first public dance at my hometown coliseum 😀

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