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Monday, August 31, 2015

Indignation. The road of the Warrior, the Path of the Leader


How dare you?!?!  How dare you to stare me in the eye and tell me I am not deserving?!?! How dare you take away what I have built?!?! How dare you choose a life for me?!?!  Don’t you know who I am?!? Don’t you know who I have become?!?

I cannot become less then I am and it took me lifetimes to forge my inner strength, my passion, my faith.  I will be damned if I let you take it away from me.  I will not be intimidated because life has forced me to cultivate courage and now I AM FEARLESS and I will not give my Will Power away anymore.  I release myself and all my ancestors from the shackles of fear and self-condemnation.  Weak I AM NO MORE. I will start a Revolution in the name of Evolution, in the name of Love!

I am a person of peace and love.  That is the road of the Healer, that is the path of the Shaman, the Magician, the Wizard.  To know peace and love, you have to know what the suffering of the heart is.  A broken heart is a call for healing.  If you answer that call, you start walking the path of the Shaman because not only you heal for yourself but also you heal to bring healing for others.  I will expand this subject further another time.  I just want to clarify that the Healer is not the Warrior and the Warrior is not a Healer.  These are two different paths with very different initiation but as a Healer and Shaman, I not only help people heal but I also help people find understanding about their path.  For this reason, Healers will be forced to experience the path of others so that we can internalized it, work on understand it through our mind, senses and emotions and then bring effective counseling to the people because the Healer/Shaman is also a good Teacher.  With that being said, even though I am a person of peace and love, I am now going through the feeling of Indignation because I have been called to understand the way of the Warrior/Leader.

The breaking point of the Healer/Shaman is ignited by pain and sorrow
The breaking point of the Warrior/Leader is ignited by anger and indignation   

Most people don’t understand energy but they feel it in their emotions and their thought are a good indicator of what is going on in their mind.  The problem is that because they do not understand the energy they are experiencing, they just react to the feeling they are getting from experiencing such energy and most of the time they have an incorrect reaction and use of that energy.  By understanding what kind of energy you are experiencing, you will be able to transform it into something that will benefit your expansion and evolution as oppose to something that will harm your progress or your life… or the lives of others.    

The most recent example I can give is the words that Donald Trump has chosen to explain his sentiment towards the Hispanic community and the reaction from this community all around the world. Most people have reacted with anger, ignited by the feeling of Indignation.  “How dare you talk about me and my people like this?!?!”  However, they have not put that energy in good use.  What most people have done with this energy is re-direct its transformation into hate, sarcasm and mockery.  This WILL NOT lead to expansion and evolution.  Humans get to experience expansion and evolution after learning the lesson from the experience that Life has brought to them.  Life is always in a state of flux and moving towards expansion and if it does not expand, it will keep arranging conditions for us to live the same scenario until we get it right and we can expand and evolve.  So, if you don’t want to re-live the same situation again you might as well roll up your sleeves, take the bull by its horns and give it all you got!  By the way, you don’t even have to win, you just need to make the decision and action to be fearless and take the bull by the horns and enjoy the ride.  You just need a breakthrough.       
Anger is a poison, but there is power in Anger.  The source of anger is what makes the difference for the reaction and behavior that follows.   The energy of something can make you feel angry, but if you feel angry because you are discriminating what you are experiencing through hate, then it becomes a poison.  If you feel angry because your discernment is telling you that what you are experiencing is unjust then it is not a poison but a Catalyst to start a revolution in the name of what is fair and just.

See, Hatred takes you to: I will kill you, I will push you, I will stop you.  Hatred is exterminating, taking and pushing away and not caring for the opining or lives of other living beings.

Indignation takes you to: How dare you? Who do you think you are? What do you think you are doing? Indignation takes you to stand up and challenge.  That is what Revolution is. It questions the status quo. It questions the people who bring hatred to this world.  This is the road of the Warrior: Revolution ignited by Indignation.  It has a special power of Courage and Confidence.  It does not seek to harm and destroy.  It seeks recognition, respect and fairness.  When you talk about fairness you include the whole world as oppose to hatred, which kills, takes and destroys.    
The energy is definitely different but it can feel the same because it makes you angry, but knowing what kind of anger you are experiencing make the difference in your life and who you truly are.

So, the energy of anger and indignation, if not used in a beneficial way, turn into hatred, mockery and sarcasm and that gets us nowhere good.  The correct use of anger and indignation is to stand up, challenge and be ready to start a revolution that WILL lead to Evolution.  Evolution is expansion and it is key because when the mind expands, new ways of understanding are born which take us closer to enlightenment. Hatred will never lead to evolution and expansion; hatred only leads to destruction and slavery.  If you seek evolution and have chosen the road of the Warrior, you will be filled with anger many times, so your job is to discern the kind of anger you are feeling so that you can transform it to benefit all living beings.  For this, you must have two things: A good spiritual foundation and a good Healer/Shaman by your side.  The Shaman has walked through the path of the Warrior, not to become a Leader but to understand the path of the Warrior in order to provide the best advice to keep the Warrior righteous because it is the Warrior who becomes the Leader and the best leaders are the ones with a strong spiritual foundation that will keep him/her courageous, fearless and equanimous.  The Healer/Shaman will ensure that the Warrior cultivates, compassion, flexibility, hope, humbleness and remind the Warrior to lead the people under the grace and glory of the highest power that is… Love.  At the end, it is all about Love. 

The Warrior and the Moon Photograph by Jayne Walter

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