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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Deepening Human Connections

The experiences we have in our daily life when we interact with people are just circumstantial.  Our day is full in quantity but not truly in quality and I think our days would be fuller, more meaningful if we stop for a few minutes and find a deeper meaning of why we crossed paths with that person today, why is that person in my life now.  Most of the time things are highlighted on that other person that makes us notice him/her, like a strange hat or a cool vest etc, but we either judge them silently in our minds or only stay for a second to give them a compliment about it.  Instead, if we would stay longer to find out more about why that person crossed our path and why this item was highlighted for us, we will then discover a story with deeper meaning with the potential to fulfill our heart and will also connect us with that human more profoundly.  If we would act like this everyday we would not be so quick to judge people based on circumstantial stuff.  I do not want to say that it is wrong, but I want to say that it has become a insensitive habit. 
We seek for deeper connection so we should give ourselves more time to actually connect. 

Wherever you are today, love that part of you who seeks to connect to all that it loves even when those things are not available yet. Be present and aware of the experience and grateful that your heart was built this way. Love how passionately your heart loves!

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