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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine…. It would be nice to experience it correctly in my lifetime!

In our spiritual community, we have been working diligently in bringing back the Divine Feminine Energy to bring balance to our planet, which for thousands of years have had a patriarchal approach to rule this world creating detrimental results to nature, our resources and society. 

Every person, no matter our gender has both Masculine and Feminine energies.  We manifest our body and presence to behave like male or female but we all have both energies in us.

If we look at the History of the World, neither the Divine Feminine nor the Divine Masculine have been channeled and manifested properly.  The proper attributes of the Divine Masculine are courage, equanimity, protection, leadership.  It is an energy that seeks to give and it is focused.  The proper attributes of the Divine Feminine are nurturing, healing, creative, caring and gentle.  It is an energy that surrenders to receive and it flows.  The patriarchal approach uses the Masculine energy in a very ineffective and harmful way.  Instead of courageous, it is angry, dominant and competitive.  Instead of equanimous, it is emotionless, cold and indifferent.  Instead of protective, it is possessive and greedy and instead of using leadership, it intimidates and slaves.  Therefore instead of seeking to give it seeks to overindulge creating insatiability that has depleted our planet of natural resources.