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Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Blue Heron

The Hummingbird:  “Every time I look for you, you are never there, yet, when I turn around there you are”

The Heron: “I am the Blue Heron, every time you find yourself it means you have found me”

The Hummingbird: “Then why can’t we just be together?”

The Heron: “When you forget who you are, you chase to serve your life purpose.  When you remember who you are, You and I are One”

The Hummingbird: “It seems so difficult, I just want to be with you”

The Heron: “The Universe was designed for infinite desire.  Being together means the cessation of such desire.  This level of reality was not designed for us”

The Hummingbird: “Then how can we be together?”

The Heron: “We both need to Awaken”

The Hummingbird: “I’ll race you”

The Heron: “Not so fast my Hummingbird dear, not so fast”

The Hummingbird: “I have longed for you for so long that evolution gave me the most resilient wings to fly this epic journey”

The Heron: “I have longed for you for so long that evolution gave me these heavy wings to wait for you in stillness” 

The Hummingbird: “I miss you”

The Heron: “I miss you too”

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