Promoting Healing by Raising Vibration

Whether is mental, emotional, physical or spiritual, I am here to help you clear away those issues that are giving you great suffering. As a result, you will be able to find wellbeing and move forward in your life with the right tools and the right direction for YOU


Mariela is a healer.  She looks at you in an integrated approach that accounts for your specific case.  She will work with various methods, choosing the one that is best for your case.  She supports science-based medicine and will work to accelerate your healing in concert with your physicians.  Based on my own experience, I have the greatest respect for Mariela and can attest that she has helped me. ~  Helmut, Raleigh, NC

I have rarely had such an inspiring and comforting experience as with Mariela during her energy healing sessions with me.  The mix of insight, wisdom, and balance she brings to her clients through her work is greatly uplifting and always provides spiritual breakthroughs.  I feel I can always count on her to shift and lighten whatever is blocking me from moving forward in my life.  She is a strong resource for those of us who want to line up with clarity, peace, and joy in our lives.  ~  Leza I., Raleigh, NC 

As an esoteric healer myself, I have worked with Mariela as a team, providing energetic cleansing, chakra balancing and consciousness awakening for spiritual seekers in Jersey City, NJ.  I experienced that even though we work with different modalities, we always work in harmony and can complement each other. I see her as my teacher when Mariela helps me with my connection to the Angelic Realm, Heart chakra release and detachment of unwholesome desires through spiritual counseling.  She loves to share the celebration of life and the Divine Feminine.  In the Tarot deck I see her as the archetype of The Hermit, which represents, the contemplation of the whole journey, bringing the lantern of hope forward and shedding all attachments and defilements in order to reach true light, opening the brilliance of the soul and inner God.  In the future, I would like to see her as the Queen of Pentacles.  ~  Anrrea Dune, Passaic, NJ

We all really enjoyed your participation in our Healing Service on Tuesday, and were really impressed with your healing energy and ability  ~  Rev. Rosemary Hyde, Chapel Hill

I took Pranic  Healing session  with Mariela. I had a very powerful  experience. During  the  session I instantly  felt lot of releasing. I felt very light and free. The intention for  the session  we worked  on I really  felt  it healed for a very long long time. I felt positive. Mariela also shared lot of information  and EFT tips to continue  to feel positive.  Mariela is  very calm, centered  and knowledgeable in her practice. I trust her expertise  completely. It was a very wonderful  experience  with her. She has helped  me on this journey  of mine. Thank you  Mariela. Love you.  ~ Priti, Cary

The reading by Mariela was AWESOME! I have known her for several years but this is the first time I’ve ever had a reading by her and now I wish I had gotten one earlier. The things she said were so resonant/relevant to me, she expressed them very articulately and in such a positive, uplifting way! She is a natural healer!!!!  ~ Gurpreet, Cary

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