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Monday, February 8, 2016

No Longer Without Love

The inner child is a fantastic communicator because just like a little child it will be creative and inventive to get your attention and because it is a little child, it will also have a touch of innocence mixed with some shines and playfulness. 

For the longest time I have been hearing these song in my head and asking Who do they belong too? What do they mean? Tell me more about what they represent.  Two weeks ago I realized that once I connect with people, I can step into their vibration and the song I hear not only represents how they are feeling but the songs also represent a part in me that has felt that way before and it triggers that feeling forward.  People’s energy, vibration, feelings, trigger something in my heart and the song is the translation of what my heart is picking up.  My heart is actually very smart.  When I was little, I used to listen to radio 24/7.  I have always loved music and while listening to the radio I noticed how lovers used to call the station to dedicate a song to a loved one.  I truly believed that was the most romantic thing anyone can do.  I used to love it when someone will go and serenate their loved one by the window too.  I experienced that once and it felt silly and lovely.  I love it! LOL.  I grew up somewhat disconnected from my heart because I suffered the loss of loved ones at a very early age so after doing a lot of healing these past years I understood I disconnected from my heart to protect myself from emotional pain.  This created a gap between me and my heart but without even knowing, my heart never gave up on me.  Because my heart was not able to get my attention, in order to reach me, my heart dedicates these songs to me to get my attention.  My heart, just like a little child knew how much I love song dedications so it sends these songs to me, not only to get my attention but also to tell me what it felt in my vibration or the vibration of other person.   My heart recognizes and feels the suffering of the person is connected to, then to get my attention it dedicates that song to me, not only to get my attention but also so that I can become present and propel the divine love machine so that together, me and my heart can send love and healing to the person who is feeling this and also to send love and healing to the part in my heart that feels the pain and suffering too.

It has been years since I started the Healer’s path and I have gained a lot of wisdom and faith so feeling pain and suffering is something that does not scare me anymore.  I have done extensive inner child and loving kindness work as well so now when I hear a sad, angry or just unsettling song in my head I don’t even have to ask who it belongs to.  I just sit there with the pain and sorrow and I start loving that part of myself that feels that way knowing that there’s a person out there I am connected to who is receiving the love that I am sending to my heart to heal that wound.  Most of the time the person I am connected to pops up in my head and also a memory from my childhood that was triggered by that song and feeling, so I picture that person living my memory and I go back and forth between seeing me and seeing that person experiencing the same memory and I just keep loving both of us and both of our hearts.   I feel the pain, I feel the sorrow and I also feel the love and the healing.  What happens next is that tears just start rolling down my face but they are tears of relief rather than desperation. When I am finished I am left with nothing but love and joy for me and the person. 

Since I recognized that the songs in my head where a dedication from my heart to get my attention and tell me about someone in need of help related to the lyrics of the song, now I also know that the song is not the complete and accurate message, therefore, now I have started to ask “Truth of God, speak to me, let me hear beyond the song”.  Today I had a nightmare but when I woke up I did not feel fearful at all.  It felt more like, “This dream is trying to be extremely scary but for some reason it is not triggering fear”.  I think my subconscious is just trying to make sure that my heart is brave enough to “handle the Truth” because the cruel reality of the world creates unbearable suffering for all.  Now, I understand why the heart of Christ is depicted with the crown of thorns and Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva is depicted with a thousand hands with eyes in the middle.  As I hear the cries of the world my heart sees and feels your suffering and I cannot help but reach you to assist you with healing and I know that love in my heart will find you like eyes and reach you like hands to help you heal and as I help you heal, I heal myself because we are connected. The opposite is also the same, I am in pain, because a wound has been opened in you because we are connected but now I know the healing power of love and we no longer have to be without it.  Just love. 

I want to take some time and thank Matt Kahn for sharing his great wisdom in his book “Whatever Arises Love That”.  It has helped me understand the heart and mind connection of an Empath.  How we work and how we can use our abilities to better serve all sentient beings, including ourselves.  I believe we are all Empaths at different stages of awareness and I recommend this book to anyone wanting to connect back with the heart, inner child, humanity and God.    

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  1. Hi Mariela, it's wonderful to hear others' life stories about pain and healing. Thanks for sharing.

    I had this dream 6 years ago...

    In the short dream, I see a grove of trees. One tree trunk catches my eye. It has an oval-shaped wound running vertically on it. Perhaps where a main branch had broken off and the tree has tried to heal itself.

    Then I hear a voice say, “go into the wound, that is where the gateway is.”

    1. Thank you very much for sharing that. I definitely felt it and I appreciate your journey very much. I know that pain leaving the body can feel just as intense as pain entering the body, but they are both impermanent and it is better to let is pass through us than holding on to it. I used to have an orchard and one day I found a branch broken but not all the way, it was still hanging on the branch in one of the fruit trees. I was going to break it off completely, but I heard something that said "Wrap it with mud and leaves and it will attach itself again and heal". I did just that, and it worked. What I learned is that we are all here for each other and to help our healing. The branch can self-heal but also needed me and other elements from nature to accomplish the healing. It shows that when we all work together from love, we can accomplish miracles. Be well my friend :)