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Friday, January 8, 2016

Instant Pleasure

A great teacher told me years ago, “Do always your best; and how do you do your best?  By getting rid of the distractions”  I was like “Ohhhh, I see”… But I never really stopped to think what a distraction really is.  On Wednesday, January 6, I woke up hearing this message: “Whatever gives you Instant Pleasure, that is a distraction”, then I went, What?  Instant pleasure? Hmmm?  Then the message continued to say: “Instant pleasure is never long-lasting so it makes you go back for more to keep a steady feeling of happiness but it is a false sense of happiness.  It keeps you constantly igniting it to get some satisfaction out of it but it is false, too instant and does not fill your craving so it leaves you craving for more pleasure, hence it distracts you from doing the things that truly matter in your life.  It is not that your attention span is short or anything of the sort, it has nothing to do with your concentration, it is that instant pleasure is not long lasting so you keep pursuing it and time does not stand still.  So, instead of seeking for instant pleasure, lay a foundation that will produce long lasting happiness for the rest of YOUR LIFE.  See the big picture, invest your time now in something that will produce happiness for the years to come. Work on your foundations.”

So there… messages from a higher perspective, a higher self, another dimension… whatever you want to call it, I am glad something greater than my current self is looking out for me and brining understanding into my life. This is something I cannot even argue about and I know it is in my best interest to follow through.   I want to share it because I hope this somehow helps you as well ;)
No, I must belly dance now!

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