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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Stupid Bitch!

Dreams are a conversation between You and you and when you explore them further you gain a better understanding of where you are, what you can become or what you have become.

Someone recently told me she had a dream where she was supposed to come visit me but instead she changed her plan and decided to go see her other friend instead and when she told me of her decision over the phone I got upset and called her “Stupid bitch” then she said she continued to explain that the day is not over yet and she could still come later but she did not make the explanation dramatic and she did not get upset about my judgment towards her but she was surprised of it.  Then her friend hugged her and said, “Everything is going to be OK” then the phone vanished.  This was her dream and she wanted my input on the meaning.  So I asked her, well what do I represent in your life?  She said, “You are someone I respect and I also wish you would explore yourself in all dimensions”.  I remembered then that she also told me of her recent life change; moving back with her parents after living on her own for years.  She has been experiencing constant scrutiny from her parents and this has created a reaction to justify and defend her behavior.  In the dream the family she lives with is not criticizing her; the person criticizing is a person she respects.  Yet, there are no feelings of Guilt, Shame or Fear in her explanation of why she chose to visit another friend first. So, what the subconscious mind is telling her is that She has transcend those feelings of guilt, shame and fear and that even an explanation of why she does something is not really to defend or justify herself; those explanations have just become Conversation, Communication. Her friend hugging her and telling her everything will be OK is confirmation that she has transcended those feeling and will no longer be plagued by the criticism of others. The phone vanishing is a sign of choice.  Since explanation is only conversation/communication, it is her choice to provide it or not.  It is no longer even needed. 

People have the choice to criticize but you feeling plagued by the need to justify your behavior is not necessary.  She may have moved back to her parents and experience unwanted criticism the way she used to experience it when she was a kid or a teenager but she is no longer that person anymore, she has matured and she has done a great job defining who she really is and what she really wants without succumbing into feelings that are detrimental to her never-ending growth.  
This was a short dream with profound meaning.  Look into your dreams and see yourself unfolding into new possibilities. See yourself in a new light.  See yourself as who you truly are.  Listen to what you have to say about you and rejoice of this intimate conversation.

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  1. When I read your words they create vibrations that open me up and heal from the inside out.. Thank you ;))))))