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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

From Possession to Integration


During a recent journey I learned that possession is not just wanting something for yourself but wanting that something to be part of you, to essentially be you.
That spoke to me deeply because it made me reflect on how in the midst of my spiritual tornado I searched for healing that would bring me harmony and peace of mind and as I found these great cures one by one, I brought them to my loved one who was also going through a spiritual tornado of his own.  At the time, I thought I was helping by making him do and practice the things that helped me and grew in deep frustration when he gave up or did not complete them.  I could not understand why someone would be so stubborn and decline these wonderful tools and refuse to practice the things that worked for me.  
In time I learned that we all learn differently and at a different pace.  I came to accept that truth but my biggest frustration was that I felt like I was progressing and he was regressing and we no longer had anything in common. The biggest revelation was to realize that at one point him and I were the same person but now he was not me and I was not him.  

At a vibrational level I knew it and I felt the pulled away from him but at a emotional level and unconsciously I tried my hardest to make him do the things I did to get better so that he is like me, so that he is me and match me like we did at one point in our lives.  At the same time I realized he did the same to me.  He would pull me into his depression and desperation so that I would be like him, so that I would be him, so that we would match.  
At an emotional level we both wanted so much to remain attached to each other.  It was very difficult to let go and let the new vibration take us where we should be, where we now belonged.  
So I realized, we both fell into POSSESSION without even knowing it.  
I pondered upon and wanted to know why do humans do it.  What is the urge that makes us behave possessively and if there was a bigger picture here.  Well, there is, and the answer for me is INTEGRATION.
You see, there is an element that bonds things of the same kind together.  Vibrationally we move naturally towards vibrations alike. So I realized that it is better to go from Possession to Integration. There is a false sense of control in possession. It is false because it is impossible to control someone else.  You may influence someone based on certain conditions and it can seem like you can control someone but it is forced and therefore unnatural.
In integration there is true cooperation. The feeling of wanting to belong is no other than our inner nature moving towards integration, but integrating to something of your same vibration. When the conditions are right you will naturally integrate to whatever is that your heart longs for because that is what your vibration holds.  You will integrate naturally like rain to river, like the rivers to the ocean, like ocean to shores.  This is why surrendering is so important.  We do not surrender to let go of what we cling on. We surrender to naturally move to where we belong.
Live it, love it. Feel every second of integration, how you constantly become part of something that truly matches you. Witness your millions of transformations. That is why life is so beautiful, that is why life is worth living ;)

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