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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Remedy Water


Every night when I was little, my mom used to make herbal teas to drink after dinner.  Although, in our hometown, we do not call it tea, we call it "Aguita de Remedio" which translates to "Remedy Water".  Back then, I did not give it a lot of thought and in fact, I didn't even care for its taste because it was just herbs in hot water with no sugar or fizz to it.  Every night she would prepare herbal tea with a different herb, chamomile, lemon balm, mint, fennel, etc. and she will remind us of the medicinal use for the herb. 

I grew blind to the wisdom my mother was sharing with me but even though I did not care much for the herbal tea or its uses back then, it is curious how now, I can see the herb and know its name and the medicinal purpose to it. After I started this journey, I was fortunate enough to live in a place where I could grow my own herb garden with medicinal and culinary plants. I started researching and studying more about them and now my mom and I share conversations about their medicinal use and sometimes she will even mention a story of how her grandparents used the herbs.

My mother does not have a medical or nutritionist degree but ever since I am little she has used these herbs knowing that each had an specific purpose beneficial to our health.  But, without a degree, books, or internet, how does she know? Well, she learned it from her elders who learned it from their elders, who learned it from previous generations, etc.  But, how did they know back then when science was primitive and media was not around?  The answer is simple, they where closer to Nature and because of that they had a deeper awareness of what they needed.  

Nowadays, we have many experts who will tell you what is good for your health according to the extensive medical research they have done and that is another way to become knowledgeable, but I truly believe that by living closer to Nature the answers reveal themselves in a more filtered and direct way.  Now, when I say Nature, I mean our external environment, plants, animals, lakes, air, etc, and also our inner environment, our feelings, mind, instincts, energy, etc.  From the outside, everything is form but form is just a tangible shell.  When we start going deeper within and pay conscious attention to everything in us that is not tangible, then we open ourselves to a transcendental source of knowledge that can greatly benefit ourselves and other living beings.  I believe our ancestors did it and then shared it with their children, who shared it with their children until it got to the generation who can no longer care or believe in old traditions.  Fortunately, there is always the choice of getting in touch with our true nature, and that transcendental source of knowledge is always available for us as well. 
Here is a video from the Discovery Channel of a Brazilian Maned Wolf who is mainly a carnivorous animal however he eats the fruit of the Lobera Plant which is beneficial to his kidneys.  Now, this is wolf and obviously it cannot read, write, or go to the doctor, how can it know that the fruit of this plant is good for it’s kidneys?  Well, if you want to find out then I suggest you get in touch with your true nature. 

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