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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Calling forth the Light during times of darkness

(Originally written 11/1/2014 after a long dream that prepared me to meet baby Aramaea)

It is true that living contrast makes you sprout desires that will ease that contrast.  Unconsciously or consciously, we all do it.

I was born in 1977 when the Peace and Love movement was not just a novelty but already embedded in society as a culture.  The young hippie generation from the 60’s and 70’s lived through the Vietnam War and other strong social challenges that were disconnecting humans from their humanity and they hippie generation did not want to conform with what the older generation was creating in the world.  This young generation felt the contrast that is living in a world lacking peace, lacking love and they wanted it so bad and they pushed and fought against war and social injustice at a conscious level but unconsciously what they were truly doing was summoning what they were lacking, which is the wholesome desire of Peace and Love.  Now, they summoned Peace and love but energy is not always manifested in the way we expect.  The Hippies of that time may not have manifested World Peace and Love, but they manifested my generation. We are the result of that summoning.  We came because we were called.  The people from my generation are the ones holding the information to teach the world how to achieve Peace and Love.  Ever since I can remember, I knew the concept of Peace and I was surprised the first time I learned that there was no World Peace.  I was quite young but I remember being very confused that day.  From a very young age I defended the weak, people and animals; I was a peacemaker and cared for life.  Time has passed and after starting my spiritual path I discovered the concepts of Inner Peace and Self Love and Unconditional Love and I just knew it was part of my quest and the quest of the people from my generation.  The generations from the past did the summoning and we came forth holding the keys for it.  But the older generation not just summoned us but they also paved the way leaving us clues in the forms of books, songs, movies and such so that we can remember what we came here for.  As a young child, I was attracted to the Hippie culture and I was quite sad that it was not around anymore when I was older but everything they did has served my generation to learn, explore and ignite our passion of knowing we can teach and achieve true Peace and Love.  I see others from my generation doing this.  Teaching alternative techniques, holding lectures, organizing gatherings… All to teach how to achieve Inner Peace, Self Love and Unconditional Love.  My generation is very active and passionate about healing the wounds that the older generation had to live at times of war and social unrest when they where summoning peace and love.

Now, my younger sisters, where born in the late 80’s and 90’s.  War and social unrest were over but money was ruling the world and man became blinded by Greed.  There was corporate greed, power abuse, social exploitation, money squandering, egoistical extravagance and such.  Consciously, the world was living greed, selfishness and exploitation. It was a dog eat dog world and people stabbing each other in the back for money.  The people from the 80’s and 90’s lived that contrast but unconsciously they were actually summoning Generosity, True Friendship and Partaking.  My sisters’ generation are the result of that summoning.  You just notice how the people in the mid 20’s are just naturally generous and not afraid to share what they have and know how to offer friendships without hidden agendas.  They do not fear material lack in the future either.  Somehow they just trust and life supports them.  My younger sister said to me one day “Todo es de todos”  “Everything is everyone’s”;  Not just a certain group based on outdated measurements or preconceived judgments; not just mine, not just yours, not just theirs…. Everyone’s.  This generation know the value sharing and the value of appreciating people of all cultures and races. I have seen them creating community gardens, running marathons for a cause, building intentional communities, cohousing, rallying against bullying, promoting equal rights and such.  The generation from the 80’s and 90’s; the ones who summon them, lived the contrast of fear of lack and exploitation and deceitfulness and did their best of fight against it so they left clues for the this generation, the people in their mid 20’s to find and be able to remember why they are here.  We make a good combination; my generation teaching the way of peace, inner peace and self love and unconditional love and my sisters’ generation teaching generosity, social inclusion and partaking.  We can all get along.  All the divisions that previous generations created are nothing but delusion. 

Now, what the world is currently living are times of darkness, lies and confusion. We have tangible proof that have led us to lose trust in the pharmaceutical companies, politicians, banks, education system, religious institutions and more.  Our pollinators are dying, plants are being genetically modified, animals are being hormonally changed, medicine is being poisoned and people are being massacred.   We certainly have good reason to think that our future is uncertain and many are fearful that there will be no future.  That is what we think, that is what we feel, that is the contrast we live but what we are really doing is summoning for the Light, for Clarity, for Truth.  I see this in the young kids and the new babies that are being born.  This new generation is in one short and sweet word “Fearless”.  They are alert, smart, quick and they long for information and freedom.  Technology is their best friend.  Today’s world is paving the way for them inventing the tools that will serve their development.  We have summoned for so much light that it is almost like we called forth the stars to be born as humans so that they can teach us how to shine our own Light in order to find Truth and be truly liberated.  

Let there be Light!  I am a believer and I believe that because all the summoning that the world is doing, in my lifetime, I will actually experience Peace, Love, Generosity, Partaking, Clarity, Truth and total Liberation.  Contrast, suffering, darkness, whatever you want to call it, have a good purpose.  The key is not to get lost in the darkness that is suffering through the contrast and instead realize what is that we are really summoning, what is our true most wholesome desire.  Then, really set the intention to seek for it; to call it, to bring it to manifestation.  To joyfully anticipate the good things coming, because we have manifested the people necessary to achieve it already, so why not just build faith and trust that our needs will be met and wholesome desires will be a reality.  Rest and know that everything will be super duper! 

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

A Suitcase Full of Stories and Wholesome Desires

I have been hanging on to my story for quite a while.  I was abandoned, sick and all alone, left to my own devices, misjudged, misunderstood and unsupported.  There was a time I used to cry every single day and it went on for months.  If you see me now, you would have never guessed it because I’m always smiling; despite what happened I have been always a happy go lucky person.  If you look at me now, you will see wrinkles around my eyes, which are a physical result of the constant crying, but you will also see the sparkle inside my eyes; that, is the result of building faith.  Faith in myself, faith in my spiritual teacher and his teachings and faith in the powerful force that is God.  The girl that suffered so much for so long was my inspiration to deepen my spiritual path because I knew she wanted to live; she loved life so much and she knew there was more to life than this physical reality, she had a clear conviction.  Even though our spiritual growth and transformation never ceases to end, I would say, my mission to mold that scared, sad and lonely girl into who she is now, has been accomplished.  

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Mystic Rainbows and Divine Ancestors

I had a long dream on Tuesday, November 10, 2015 and in one part of the dream it told me to share with one of my good spiritual friends my experience about the rainbow I saw in real life back in August 2012 after making a soup that I named “Rainbow Soup” because the vegetables I used as ingredients had the colors of the rainbow.  In my dream, I shared the experience and I heard him say: "You have to be kidding me!".  After the dream I did not know when to share it with him but a few things from my dream became true almost overnight so I thought, maybe it is time to tell him the rainbow story today.  I was not sure and I wanted a sign to be sure then after an hour or two my big lapis rock that looks like a alien fell off my computer where I keep him, so I asked the crystal, “What do you want?” and I was reminded to share the rainbow story.