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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Mystic Rainbows and Divine Ancestors

I had a long dream on Tuesday, November 10, 2015 and in one part of the dream it told me to share with one of my good spiritual friends my experience about the rainbow I saw in real life back in August 2012 after making a soup that I named “Rainbow Soup” because the vegetables I used as ingredients had the colors of the rainbow.  In my dream, I shared the experience and I heard him say: "You have to be kidding me!".  After the dream I did not know when to share it with him but a few things from my dream became true almost overnight so I thought, maybe it is time to tell him the rainbow story today.  I was not sure and I wanted a sign to be sure then after an hour or two my big lapis rock that looks like a alien fell off my computer where I keep him, so I asked the crystal, “What do you want?” and I was reminded to share the rainbow story. 

I started by asking him if he has ever seen a double rainbow or an upside down rainbow, because I had.  Then I said “remember in August 2012 we had many days with rainbows and one time I was cooking what I named Rainbow soup, because I put vegetables that had the same colors as the rainbows, then that afternoon a whole rainbow popped up.  I thought it was a sign from the universe, after all, rainbows means God is our ally not our destroyer.  I love rainbows”.  He told me that back this October 2015 he saw a triple rainbow!  I was amazed and we continued to share stories about rainbows and their spiritual significance.  Then he told me about the “The Whirling Rainbow Prophecy which says that “The great spiritual Teachers who walked the Earth and taught the basics of the truths of the Whirling Rainbow Prophecy will return and walk amongst us once more, sharing their power and understanding with all.”  That reminded me of the biggest rainbow story I have experienced so far.

In 2013, I did my pilgrimage in my homeland, Ecuador.  I went to “The Llanganatis”, a place that is mystical and not many dare to cross because the fog can become very heavy and stay for days, so we just went 2 hour into the mountain, 1hour by car, 1 hour by foot.  It would take weeks to cross because it goes from the mountains to the jungle but people get lost and have never been found.  History tells the story of Rumiñahui Inca, the last Incan Warrior who during the invasion and murder of his brother Atahualpa Inca by the Spanish conquistadors, decided to take all the treasures from the kingdom and hide them in these mountains so he took his best man to do the job. They did the job but were eventually captured and he died while being tortured for the location of the treasure.  Ever since, people have tried to venture into those mountains looking for the treasure but no one has found it and not many return.  There is a lot of speculation as to what happens in those mountains.

With more innocence than greed, my friend and I decided to hire one of the locals to venture into the mountain, just for the day, just to be in that mystic energy. 
The place was mystical indeed, the vegetation was completely different, the altitude, the mist, the air, the birds; all very surreal.  Before we left I decided to meditate, and had some crystals that I brought with me.  I left them on top of this big stone, I wanted them to become familiar with each other and share information.  When I finished the meditation, I collected the crystals back but a piece of the Celestite crystal broke. I thought it was a sign for me to leave the broke off piece there because Celestite is an angelic crystal, so I left it there.
When we were going down the mountain it was almost 6pm, the sun was about to set but before it did, we saw this great double rainbow coming from the place we were in.  We were amazed and what came to me was that by leaving the Celestite crystal, I opened a portal for all my ancestors Incas to come back.  I also had the impression that Rumiñahui did not “hide treasure”, that he simply returned it back to the mother, because they were precious metals and crystals that they used them with a higher spiritual purpose, not as monetary value like the Spanish conquistadors wanted to do.  I understood it, I felt it.

At the airport before my return, this indigenous man just sat next to me and started a conversation.   I felt the meeting was orchestrated so I listened carefully to what he had to say.  After I told him where I was heading, he told me he would like to go to North Carolina to collect fruit because he knows how to do that.  Back in North Carolina, I decided to follow his wishes because I felt it was guidance from my ancestors so I went apple picking at the Altapass Orchard on the Blue Ridge Parkway just like he wanted.  Then the month after, my teacher offered a Munay ki fire ceremony.  After the ceremony, everyone were startled saying that they felt being touched in different parts of their bodies and my teacher and another Shaman felt a presence that felt like Pachacuti Inca, which was one of the Inca kings in Peru.  My friend’s husband actually had a clairvoyant moment and described he saw a man in cape by the fire. I knew then it was Rumiñahui Inca and all my other Incan ancestors who came with me from Ecuador.  

They were not just touching them, they were checking out the new modern Shamans and I told them the story of the Celestite Crystal and the rainbow.  I learned afterwards that I probably anchored the Archangelic Light into the Llanganatis, without even knowing that I was doing it.  All I did was completely guided and I trusted that guidance.  It has been two years since then and just today I learned about “The Whirling Rainbow Prophesy", for me it is a confirmation that I opened a portal for my ancestors to come back. Ever since that trip I have felt their presence and also, I heard the call to step into the role of the Shaman.  Time after time, my ancestors show to me that they back me up 100% and I feel my strongest when I am mindful of their presence.  Now that I have learned about “The Whirling Rainbow Prophecy” it makes sense to me that the night of the Munay ki fire ceremony, not only they were checking out the new Shamans but also, now they walk amongst us once more, sharing their power and understanding with all, fulfilling the prophecy.  Many of the people at that fire ceremony have also stepped into the role of the Shaman diligently just like me.  I believe we are influenced and guided by them and it gives me great happiness to have been chosen to open the portal for them to reach us.  I want to think that it was my innocence, great love and discipline that made it happen.  Now, more mature and wise, I suggest people to go back to the home of their ancestors and do a pilgrimage with the intention of connecting with their ancestors and the power that it carries.  No matter where we are from, our ancestors and homeland are the key to our life purpose.  It was no accident that we have that ancestry, we carry them in our DNA, our Karma and connecting will lead us to amazing and divine experiences.

From top of the Llanganatis

 Double Rainbow coming down the Llanganatis

 Happy little Shaman in the making

 The Portal. Welcome back Ancestors :)

Rumiñahui Inca Warrior - "Follow my guidance!" He says :)

Rainbow soup, August 2012

 Full rainbow after rainbow soup, August 2012

Apple picking at Altapass Orchard

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