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Monday, October 23, 2017

Honoring the Ancestors

It does not matter if you believe in One God or many Gods; heaven or reincarnation;  praying with rosary beads or meditating with mala beads, burning offerings or repeating affirmations. Find a deity that inspires you to live a more beautiful life and find a ritual/craft that feeds your Heart.

Our ancestors did not have it all figured out but they were also searching for the road to happiness.  They also sought for gurus and studied scriptures.  They were in touch with Nature and cared for their villages.

They left us recipes for food and medicine.  They gave us art and science. They developed traditions and teachings.

Whether you chose to honor your ancestors or the ancestors of others, do it with honor and grace as they paved the way for us to have an easier life.  And as we keep walking our journey, we do the same for the people to come.

So, what would you do now that you would like the people of the future imitate and honor?

Is it your joy?
your harmony?
your mindfulness?
your lovingkindness?
your compassion?
your bravery?
your spirituality
your wisdom?
your generosity?
your peace?

We all have the opportunity to contribute the same way our ancestors did.  We all have the power to inspire and leave teachings to benefit all living beings.

Pick a passion and share it radiantly with the people of today and tomorrow!

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