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Friday, December 19, 2014

I am a Mother and I am a Child

Originally written on: 6/6/2014, completed on 12/18/2014

“Tell me who doesn't love what can never come back
You can never forget how it used to feel
The illusion is deep
It’s as deep as the night
I can tell by your tears, you remember it all”  ~ The Cure, The Blood

In June 2013, I experienced a miscarriage.  At first it was hard to acknowledge it because it happened early in the pregnancy and it was not physically dramatic as what I have heard from others.  It was more emotional, mental and energetic.  It was also physical of course, in the sense that the fetus left my body, but it wasn’t physically painful for me.  It was painful in my emotions, my mind and my soul because I prepared and planned very thoroughly for it.