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Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Reluctant Bee

The Bee: Your colors are alluring and your petals are so welcoming, yet, I can’t help to think you are fragile compared to me and it feels like I’m desecrating your home whenever I feed off you. 

The Flower: I was born to embrace you, as you spread the essence of my pollen and cultivate the sweetness of my honey.  There is no desecration in that. 

The Bee: But we are so different in form, we do not fit together.

The Flower: But our purpose is the same and we work harmoniously for the continuation of life.  We may not fit in form, but we belong in ideals.

The Bee: I move so fast and you stand still as I feed off your nectar.

The Flower: But even in my stillness I feel it all.  My stillness is not lack of movement, my stillness is contemplation.

The Bee: I was not built to stay.

The Flower: I was built to wait rooted in faith as I bloom.

The Bee: Your magnificent colors make me come back for more.

The Flower: My beauty was made to call upon you, and here we are. 

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