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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine…. It would be nice to experience it correctly in my lifetime!

In our spiritual community, we have been working diligently in bringing back the Divine Feminine Energy to bring balance to our planet, which for thousands of years have had a patriarchal approach to rule this world creating detrimental results to nature, our resources and society. 

Every person, no matter our gender has both Masculine and Feminine energies.  We manifest our body and presence to behave like male or female but we all have both energies in us.

If we look at the History of the World, neither the Divine Feminine nor the Divine Masculine have been channeled and manifested properly.  The proper attributes of the Divine Masculine are courage, equanimity, protection, leadership.  It is an energy that seeks to give and it is focused.  The proper attributes of the Divine Feminine are nurturing, healing, creative, caring and gentle.  It is an energy that surrenders to receive and it flows.  The patriarchal approach uses the Masculine energy in a very ineffective and harmful way.  Instead of courageous, it is angry, dominant and competitive.  Instead of equanimous, it is emotionless, cold and indifferent.  Instead of protective, it is possessive and greedy and instead of using leadership, it intimidates and slaves.  Therefore instead of seeking to give it seeks to overindulge creating insatiability that has depleted our planet of natural resources. 

On the other hand the Divine Feminine has been manifested improperly as well.  Instead of nurturing is smothering and oppressive.  Instead of healing it is victimizing.  Instead of creative, it is psychotics and chaotic.  Instead of caring it is jealous and resentful.  Instead of surrendering to receive, it has giving its power away to be controlled and caged in and therefore cannot flow.

If the Masculine energy seeks without giving and the Feminine energy gives its power away to be caged in then when will we ever experience True Unconditional Love?

The problem is that the world has been functioning with a patriarchal behavior for such a long time that it seems normal, very easy and almost expected for a woman to give her power away and be controlled by a man and the patriarchal society and if she doesn’t she is criticized, slandered, censored, dishonored, cursed, exiled, punished and even burned alive! 

Our ancestors experienced this and the experience have created karmic shackles embedded in our energy, collected consciousness and DNA.  It has created much of our guilt, blame, shame and self-condemnation.

Now, because all of us have both Masculine and Feminine energies flowing through our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies we have been at fight within ourselves.  Many Males are not in touch with their feminine sides and condemned or mock the ones who are.  Many Females are not in touch with their feminine side either because it seems easy too give our power away and become dependent or co-dependent instead of independent and explore what truly is to be Feminine from the sacred Divine Feminine energy. Also, many Females do not know how to channel the Divine Masculine energy either but we have that energy in us already so we manifest that energy from the examples and experiences of the patriarchal society and instead of empowering ourselves, we pass judgment in ourselves, produce feelings of guilt and block ourselves from exploring, expanding and evolving.  We fall into the mistake of using our Masculine energy against ourselves.  Not only that but we also use the Male energy to pass judgment on other women.  How many of us have been judged and criticized by our own mothers, grandmothers and sisters for not conforming to the patriarchal society?  Generation after generation I believe.  So not only we have the disrupted Masculine energy from Men against our Feminine energy but we also have our own Masculine energy against our own Feminine energy.  We are getting hit from both sides!

Last year I had a dream where I was at the restaurant with men in business suits who gave me money to pay for the meal we had and told me how much change I will get after paying.  At the cash register I realized that the money was actually mine and therefore the change was also mine and I did not have to give the change back to them.  In my dream I felt cheated but told them I did not have to give them the change because the money was mine to begin with, and they told me “Yes, the money was yours, we just wanted you to know how much change you should get back”. They actually did not want the change but before I realized the money was mine I was ready to give them the change without a question.  Then I was taken to a place where I was told the origin of the term “Intimate Friend”.  Growing up I used to hear this term a lot by women and thought it was just a term women use to describe closed friendship where they can talk about anything without judgment.  In my dream, they told me it was probably back in the early 1940’s and it was created by young women who did not fit in society because they had creative, passionate and sexual urges that neither doctors, teachers or their mothers were willing to talk about.  Because this energy was strong and their call for understanding was powerful, a new friendship among women was born.  They called themselves “intimate friends” and told the patriarchal society that it just means closed friendship but what these young women were really doing was getting together to explore their bodies and emotions with each other so that they could understand their femininity, what it is, how it works, how to love it.  This action brought expansion into the collective consciousness of women and a little bit of liberation was achieved.  So young women at that time started exploring their bodies, their emotions and their bonds as a sisterhood.  They supported and empowered each other, even behind closed doors.  For me, the dream brought clarity to know that this is what Divine Energy does, it calls for our alignment so that our physical reality matches the sacredness of the cosmos.  I have no other way to put it.  Our evolution is nothing else but matching up to our sacredness, our Divine Masculine and our Divine Feminine finally aligning until we can reach Oneness without depending or co-depending to reach Unconditional Love.

So, the good news is that not all is lost. There are many people still holding on to the patriarchal system but every day there are more and more people questioning this system and calling for balance.  The mind of our society is more evolved, even without realizing our society are starting to notice that One thing is not just One thing.  It is composed of many elements that come from different sources and has gone to many processes, people and institutions before that One thing makes it to their hands.  This in Buddhism is called “Emptiness” and our minds are noticing this and we are now questioning rules, decision makers, institutions, etc.  This is our Divine Feminine looking to get its Power back.  The Feminine energy is urging its power back to properly co-create instead of co-depend. It’s calling for Independence and Liberation from the patriarchal society.  It is bringing chaos now but it is calling for balance and harmony.  It is our job as Lighworkers, Shamans, Healers and True Warriors to help the world channel this energy properly.  Love heals, love creates, love protects, love integrates, love empowers, love guides.  We know this and we will hold the space for these Divine energies to finally manifest themselves as the True Unconditional Love we have been waiting for.  Our ancestors did not experience it while they were alive, but after they left their body and became pure consciousness they understood it.  Now our ancestors are part of the Cosmos and the Cosmos is in us; which means not only We are calling forth Unconditional Love, but also our ancestors are calling forth Unconditional Love through us.  My wholesome desire is that we soon can say: At Last, here it is! 

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