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Friday, July 17, 2015

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?


A tree fell close to where I live.  It fell due to bugs eating the inside bark and roots.  It was too weak to keep holding itself so it fell and later in the week it was removed.  It happened at night.  I did not see or hear it happening but I saw it in the morning.  After inspecting the tree and the whole it left it just made me think of impermanence and causes and conditions, Alice in wonderland, portal to the other side. Rebirth for the tree, the spirit of the tree, etc.  I actually noticed my mind going through its database to find an explanation for what happened.  It was not particularly important for me to know this answer this day so I went on with my day without thinking about it again.
This morning, the first thing my mind said to me was: “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”  I have never thought of this question before and I did not connect this to what happened to the tree at all, but all of the sudden my mind started to dictate the answer as well and it said: “The tree does not have to make a sound to get your reaction.  You just have to know that it fell and immediately the mind will go to its database to find an answer that will suit your understanding and it will be different for everyone.  Some people will ignore the fact that a tree fell because they have bigger worries.  Some people will find someone to blame.  Some people will be fearful that other trees will do the same putting their safety at risk.  Some people will find humor to this situation.  Some will worry about the animals that lost its home.  Some will connect this with an omen, a superstition, a synchronicity, a “sign”.  But there are some…..Who will just know that this is how the universe works, find acceptance and move on because their mind is just Still”

Last year I was in Taiwan for one month and was looking at Chinese characters without knowing the language so I did not understand anything at all.  However, Chinese characters do not look like our alphabet, these are not letters.  When I came to U.S.A., I did not speak English but noticed that the alphabet is the same as Spanish so the transition for learning the language was smooth.  This time in Taiwan, it was very different.  Chinese characters are completely different from an alphabet and because I did not know the language and was only going to be there for one month I accepted the fact that I will not be able to learn it so that I could understand it.  This is what “I” decided for “myself”, however, “My Mind” had other plans that went against “My” own decision (I thought I had free will?!?).  So, after looking at Chinese characters for so long, “I” noticed “My Mind” working to understand what the character could mean based on what they look like and “My Mind” was making a big effort in finding a form that looks like the Chinese character it was looking at, for example, one looked like a person with arms and legs, another one looked like the face of a dog, another one looked like a lady pushing a stroller, another one like two guys sitting across each other with a table in the middle.  My mind was not only “Attaching” forms to the characters to create a meaning but it went further to “Create a Story” based on what it was witnessing.  I have to admit it was fun in the beginning and it made “Me” laugh.  I thought “I” was being creative and childlike, but this was far more important than having fun because I was truly witnessing how The Mind works and the process it will follow to create meaning out of non-sense.  Also, it was showing me that things, are things but it is “US”, “Our Mind” who put our interpretation based on the beliefs we have put in our mind.  It was showing me that “We” truly create “Our” own reality. My mind was not happy and at peace with the fact that it could not understand Chinese characters.  It went out of its way to SEARCH for understanding and ATTACHED anything possible from its database to CREATE meaning that will bring understanding in order to be at PEACE.  Now, if you put this in reverse PEACE is the ultimate goal, creating meaning and brining understanding to what your mind think is NONSENSE is why WE SEARCH.  Have you ever ask: Why did my loved one die? Why did my partner left me? Why did I lose my job?…. You are just searching for peace.  These were only Chinese characters, no big deal if I learn them or not, still I FELT like I was going crazy, trying to make sense out of them.  However, I have asked those unsettling questions; why did my husband get sick? Why did he leave the home? Why did you take him away from me? Why is this ending? It thought me to have compassion for myself and others who have to ask the same unsettling questions looking for understanding and peace.  
In a different article, I blogged about patterns and the understanding that I received was that anything that you add, remove or change will create chaos but only in the beginning  and this is because there is a pattern for everything in this universe so chaos will exist until the elements find a pattern again after the changed that happened.  Once the pattern exists then harmony follows.  So essentially all chaos leads to harmony and there cannot be harmony without chaos.  This is the understanding I received years ago when big changes where being introduced into my life.  But, what I was not told then that I am being told now is that the SEARCH for harmony is led by The Mind.  This is the reason we Overthink.  It is not because we want to overthink, it is because our mind is searching for harmony, looking to make sense out of what considers nonsense, always looking to know, always looking to understand, always searching and researching, eventually, when we are satisfy (this may be impossible) then we know Peace.  Harmony and Peace existing together (sigh)
But why is our mind always searching? Because we keep asking questions and we ask questions because our mind is always looking for expansion.  Just think of 3 year olds; they question everything.  They are ready for this insatiable journey of knowing and understanding.  It is a form of attachment really.  Why do we need to know, why can’t we just accept things as they are?  See! I just did it!  I asked a question because my mind is insatiable just like yours…. Otherwise you would not be googling right now.  See!  Your insatiable mind has brought you to my page and now we are two people asking questions!
This week I was also told the following “Every time you ask a question you open a door of no return.  The reason is because the answer may be something you never expected to hear, which will make your brain agree or disagree, in order to do that it needs to find understanding first, but if you understood the situation you would not be asking the question to begin with.  Searching for understanding can tear apart the beliefs you already have to include the new understanding you are getting and therefore creating new beliefs in your mind.  It is like disassembling and reassembling a human being. When you get an answer you agree with, no big deal, but an answer you do not agree with but want to understand can be the CATALYST of your new expansion and can evolve you into a completely different human being.  So be careful what you wish for, even understanding can lead you to chaos before you find harmony“ This answer scalded me to the core!  Now, who told me this? It came from My Mind.  Why did it tell me this?  Because I asked a question completely unrelated with this but the answer was not in the direction I was already going. In a sense, it did not want to create more chaos than the one I am already living (I have enough in my plate)
So yes, if a tree falls in the forest, it does make a sound.  But, it is your mind the one that creates the sounds based on the beliefs you have put in it.  The sound comes from your mind.  Is the sound of your mind melodic or is it noisy?  If you dare to ask, that should be the follow up question.

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