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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Healing Fear and Self-Sabotage

Sabotage comes from deep within our subconscious,  so deep that we may not even know we are sabotaging ourselves and may look like it is others who are sabotaging our efforts.  The reason for self-sabotage is always the same: Fear, and recognizing the types of fear and how they sabotage us is very helpful. 
Almost too often you will hear people say that we have to make decisions out of “Love instead of Fear” or the catch phrase “Fear-based” to describe a particular action people take, but it really does not serve you much if you do know the multiple dimensions of Fear.  Is it Fear? Is it Terror? Is it Confusion? Is it a simple Warning? Is this my Inner Wisdom trying to protect me from something that could be detrimental to my life or is this unfounded and completely delusional terror? 

But why do we even feel "fear" really?   
There are many types of fear and just as animals we have Instinct that it is constantly on and scanning for danger as well as opportunities.  It will warn us against outside dangers and it will warn us about beneficial opportunities, like an animal looking for food and watching for predators but in a more civilized way.  This type of fear is beneficial because it keep us safe and alive.  It tells us not to get to close to the flame because it is too hot, or to deep into shallow waters because we could drown.  However, there is other kind of fear hidden in our subconscious that at first may seem negative because it does not let us move forward and keeps us stuck when we really want to grow or in the comfort zone or in procrastination.  However, this is not true fear, we are only “afraid” to move forward because of the type of information we have embedded in our subconscious.  Lack of information, false information, conflicting beliefs, overload of information or pure speculation hidden in the subconscious.

o   Lack of information: When you have choices, there is no bad decision. When we have a lot of choices we desire clarity so much in order to make “The Right Decision”.  However, when there is no clarity and we have multiple choices, that is a call for us to make a choice…Any choice, then more information is revealed.  The reason there is no clarity is because there is no more information, there is lack of information, but when we make a choice and take action towards it, then more information is revealed then we can see further into the future.  Pretty much we are able to see if the choice we made will take us into the right path or not but even if it seems like we did not make the right choice, we have the right to choose again; like shooting basketball hoops, we can pretend that the first few rounds were just practice shots until we get all warmed up to start playing.

o   Conflicting information: At times, we learn new information that resonates with the new person we have become, however we still hold old beliefs that may be opposite of what we have just learned.  We can learn something new, believe that is true and even start practicing it so that it becomes a truth in our subconscious, but only after it becomes true conviction, the old belief will be eradicated.  True conviction means you have tangible proof of your belief.  It is easier for a child to be convinced of a belief than for an adult to have conviction of his/her own life experiences.  Fear arises when two different beliefs on the same subject exist in our subconscious because we can become confuse as to which one is true, which one is incorrect or which one should be done first.  As an example, you may believe that you can manifest wealth and success but hold in your subconscious the conflicting belief that “money is the root of all evil”.  This conflict could create fear in the form of guilt for thinking you may not be doing “the right thing” and you may feel anxiety and become reluctant to move forward and claim what you rightfully deserve.

o   Overload of information: Can cloud Inner Guidance or make you hesitant of what to do first.  There are countless of experts in this world. I have found out that the more you know, the less you know because at the end of the day, all words are nothing but names and concepts.  Personally, I stopped reading and learning about topics after I discovered what my life purpose is.  I used to feel guilty for wanting to know various different subjects but not truly understanding them.  Now that I know my Life Purpose, I only honor it to become and expert on what I came here to do and I trust that I always receive the right learning resources for my Life Purpose and that information that other people receive, is the right resource for their Life Purpose and there is no need for me to even explore that type of information. This revelation has helped me become more relaxed, focused and less scattered.  
Many times I look at Nature for answers.  Some vines attached themselves to trees to climb up to seek for sunshine and some vines attached to the ground to seek for shade.  In the same way, beliefs are only here to help us thrive and at any time we are free to change our minds based on what we seek, sunshine or shade.  You may make your choices guilt free just as nature does because you are nature as well.

o   False Information:  This is the danger zone, the one to watch our for because it purely comes from external sources purposely wanting to dominate and take control of our lives and will somehow trick us to give up our own will and power. Without our own will and power we depend on these external sources to guide our life and we move away from true Divine Guidance. 
The beliefs you have put into your mind may come in between what is true guidance and what is pure judgmental discrimination.  Being afraid of fire because someone told you fire is BAD is different than being prudent and careful with fire because you can feel that it will hurt you if you get too close to it.  One comes from following inner guidance, the other one is conditioned by external sources.  If you use your guidance you will feel confident and will know how to keep yourself safe. If you use judgment based on conditioning you will be terrorized to be near fires and feel helpless and have lack of mental and physical control when a fire arises. So, don’t be afraid of fear but be wary of judgmental discrimination.  Know the difference. 

o   The Power of Speculation: People live their lives speculating.  Speculation keeps you away from the present and in a future that does not exist it is detrimental. It deprives you from the present and it deprives you from your true future.  The good thing is that speculation is only a mirage, a delusion of the mind and once the delusion is removed, then the true reveals itself.  The key is simple, as soon as you start speculating, just turn your focus to the present moment, be grateful and move into appreciation.  If you must go away from the present moment and into the past, then use memories that will inspire you to go into a brighter future. If you must go away from the present moment and into the future, then go into the vision that your True Inner Guidance has seen for you with faith.  

Fear can be useful and it can be debilitating.  Learning how to discern the type of fear you are experiencing will help you move out anxiety and into optimism for the next step to take.  With practice, you will become more courageous and confident of yourself and the life choices you make and little by little, you will see yourself advance in great ways. 

I AM Light and darkness dissipates in my presence!

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