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Monday, March 13, 2017

Three simple elements of Success

Your talent.
The opportunities you are able to notice.
The people who help you achieve them.

It is not just you.
You did not just get a lucky break.
People didn’t just put it on your lap.

There are three elements and it is healthy to recognize and honor all of them.  It will keep you proud of who you are and the success you are experiencing but also humble as you know it cannot be achieved in self-centeredness.  We are all interconnected, we all have our talent and the people create the environment that gives birth to the opportunities around us.

If you become arrogant and don’t accept the help of others, you may miss good opportunities; then there cannot be success.
If there are good opportunities and people willing to help you but you don’t trust your talents, then, there cannot be success.

If there are opportunities and you know you have the talent for it but don’t reach out to people to achieve them, then, there cannot be success.
You may think you don’t have talent. You may think there are no opportunities. You may think people don’t care but all that is far from the truth.
Everybody has abilities and becoming talented at them is just a matter of practice.  Cultivating our abilities give you the confidence you need to show such talents.  It also helps you value yourself and the wisdom you have achieved.
I have seen a quote that says: “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”.  It is somewhat true but it almost makes it sound like you have to suffer before you can find good opportunities in life.  

However, the truth is that opportunity lies everywhere, every time, endlessly; difficulty or not, opportunities are plentiful.

Zen Buddhism is famous for Koans, which are smart riddles that have an apparent right answer.  The Zen master will ask you for an answer and no matter how smart your answer is, the master will always send you back to think about it again.  It’s truly, not about the riddle and not about the answer.  It is about detaching from your sense of always wanting to be right, detaching from thinking that there is just one true answer and detaching from thinking any other answer is wrong.  Going back and thinking about it again makes you come up with a different answer.  Doing this over and over makes you realized that not just one answer is right and there can be different ways to do things.  It also helps you be at peace with people coming up with the right answer for themselves and doing things in the way they understand it.  Additionally, and most importantly, it trains your brain to find other possible answers.  This forces the brain to step out of the box, killing believes and limitations that have been programed in your brain. This very exercise frees you to find opportunities where others see none in real life. If you cannot recognize an opportunity, you cannot take advantage of it.  

Seeing life from different perspectives helps you recognize the multiple opportunities around you.     

The third element involves people.  You are people, people want the same you want, to be happy, to be healthy, to be loved, to be supported by life.  We share common wholesome desires and those desires give birth to opportunities.  People are behind the opportunities around us, they are our teachers, our coworkers, our bosses, our loan lenders, suppliers, customers, our friends, our family.  Life shows us support in the form of community. It is healthy to reach out, it is healthy to get to know our community, it is healthy to find allies, it is healthy to keep in touch with the ones that beautify and enrich our life.  We are stronger when we work together.  We are wiser when we share ideas. We are more loving when we nurture affinities. We are noble when we show compassion.  Giving and receiving assistance generously creates trusting connections, these are the people who will help you reach those opportunities around you.  When you pay attention, you notice that life supports you through people.  

People can help you find opportunities and you can help someone find opportunities as well.

I think it’s a relief to know that we don’t have to do everything.  It’s a relief to know that if you miss an opportunity, another one just as good can come along.  It is a relief to know that is ok to reach out and ask for help.  So, open your mind and senses, take advantage, be smart, pay attention, be grateful, honor your talents, the opportunities and the people surrounding those opportunities.  See and experience these three elements that can bring you the success you seek in life.

Believe and See
See and Believe

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