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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Spiritual Treason

Light workers of the world. Step away from martyr-hood and step into your messiah-hood.

The biggest delusion is to believe that manifested humans make decisions and can run your life when you know you have an eternal being within that orchestrates situations that give us the opportunity to be that higher self and respond to situations from a higher consciousness supported by deep love that flows from our hearts. We know this, and we have practiced it. Now, it’s time to truly embody it. Unify with that higher consciousness, it is the "Ultimate Surrender", then roll up your human sleeves and let’s get to work.

Hillary would have given us the impression that things were ok when they truly aren’t and we would have conformed with the system once again but I know there is a force that truly wants us to wake up from it all and the right time is now!
The government is just there to create that illusion that we need to belong to a country, that we must identify with a culture that we have a race, that we have to pick a religion and that other religions and cultures are wrong or even against us, that we must go to school, that we have to have insurance, that we must pay for the land we occupy etc.  Feeling persecuted is the biggest fear we have, so we pay loyalty to a government that is only here to slave our true messiah-hood and force us to compromise our true calling and true self. They are “Mara”, the biggest delusion, the one we have to wake up from.

I am happy for Hillary because I truly believe she was born to lead the masses, but not from inside that system of delusion.  I saw the same happening to Al Gore. I really felt he was trying to answer his true calling but he was doing it from the wrong place, then after he lost the presidency he went into a period of seclusion, I believe it was needed so that he can find himself and discover his true calling and now he is very active in it; he is thriving, affecting and connecting with the Environment if amazing ways.  I believe it will be the same for Hillary.  She has so much to give to this planet but she has compromised her integrity, her authenticity, her soul, way too much.  It was noble of her of wanting to create change for us, but you cannot change Mara, you cannot change the nature of Delusion.  You can only awaken from it in order to overcome it.  That is the nature of Delusion, and Meditation helps you overcome it.  During Meditation, we connect with the Breath, with Chi, with the Energy that enfolds our Universe, with everything that is NOT a delusion and as we practice that connection, we learn to recognize delusions but we do not fight them as they are not real, instead, we let them go, because if they are not real, there is nothing to fight. 

Delusion is only here to keep us slaved and we are the only ones who can liberate ourselves. We must abandon our loyalty to this Delusion and instead pledge allegiance to True Nature and provide fellowship to others in the path of awakening.  Now, that the delusion is stronger, our surrendering to our higher self and true calling must be whole.  We must embody Ultimate Surrender and overcome Delusion.  It is the perfect time to truly wake up.

I was given the divine promise of Love and Peace and my biggest sadness was to experience agony, abandonment and death, then one day I was told: “It is hidden in them”.  Just this week, I had a big revelation that created huge healing in my mind and heart.  If I were to perish in this political system, the healing would not have happened; in addition, I almost died twice in this lifetime but I did not.  So, I know, that I know, that I know, and I TRUST that the promise I was given is TRUE and I will experience PEACE and Unconditional LOVE in this lifetime AND SO ARE YOU!

Remember your Light

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