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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Liberating the Mind from Guilt and Self-Punishment

“For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”
~ Matthew 7:2

Understanding as Healing: Understanding any subject in a different way produces healing.  Some animals see only few colors, most humans see a lot more colors but there are insects such as bees and butterflies that can see ultraviolet colors.  Now, imagine if all of the sudden we would see a brand new color.  Imagine how many new things we could design, invent or create with that; new textiles, paint, make-up, etc.  The world would suddenly expand with new possibilities.  It is the same thing with understanding, when you have a new understanding, you expand your possibilities and opportunities and end previous limitations.  The mind becomes liberated from an old pattern of behavior and develops a new one, an upgraded one.

A few months ago, I had a vision of a rabbit hopping away on the ground, going one direction none-stop.  Meanwhile, there was a bat hanging still upside down looking at the world upside down, in a different way, with a different perspective.  At that time, the message for me was:  Instead of looking at the world from down below and running around chasing opportunities, elevate yourself to a higher place and stay still and before chasing anything, just observe from different angles so that you can see different possibilities reveal themselves and then choose from there.  Choose from a higher vision and abundance rather than chasing from a limited perspective and lack.  Now, two main things are needed here: Patience and willingness to let your life be upside down, but only temporarily, until you can see emerge the most favorable possibilities for your life.  
I am living this at this very moment, things are changing rapidly and my patience and willingness to be optimistic through the temporary chaos is required and since I know understanding is healing, I am letting the new things reveal themselves and once they are revealed, I know my world will expand as well because I will have information I did not have before, opportunities I did not have before, experiences I did not have before, wisdom I did not have before and therefore more breakthroughs, less fear and less limited beliefs. 

Awareness as Healing: From my extensive and deep subconscious work I came to understand that the Subconscious mind does not know how to discern.  Discernment is done by the Conscious mind.  The Subconscious only takes action based on conditioning.  It is a big database where we record and store all beliefs and behaviors based on what we learn and experience through our senses. But why is this important?  Because you need the two minds in order to change behavior to make your life more intentionally joyful.  You need the Conscious mind to keep in check the actions of the Subconscious mind and you need the Subconscious mind to re-program beliefs and behaviors that are more favorable for your life.  Then, when a person or event triggers you, instead of acting based on a pattern of behavior, you can catch yourself before the act and make a conscious choice for the response you will have.  You can choose to act in a different way, therefore breaking the pattern and training the mind to act more positively OR you can choose to continue and act in the same way you always respond, but because you make the Conscious decision of following your usual pattern, you then feel guilt free because you are not reacting subconsciously; what you are truly doing is expressing yourself consciously, using an action that you are more familiar with.  Awareness is full presence of body, mind, heart and soul, when we are present we are conscious of our free will. 

Revelation as Healing:  “For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged” These are timeless words, said by an ascended Master Jesus Christ.  I have known these words since childhood but it was not until last year that their true meaning where revealed to me and changed my life.  
In 2015, I lived this intense experience with a friend of mine where based on the beliefs I had back then and based on the information that was presented to me, my perception and logic told me it was ok for me to do something I did. Of course, I also checked with my Inner guidance and it told me to follow my decision.  Now, after my epiphany I understood why the guidance said to go ahead and do it, but in order to have the epiphany, I had to suffer through the process.  I was actually told by my friend that what I did was wrong and my perception was wrong, leaving me very confused because I thought everything indicated it was ok to do what I did.  I was very confused and for the first time in my life I heard the words “You hurt me”.  Even thought I did not think I acted wrong I somehow felt guilt in me and gave me emotional, mental and even physical anguish.  Consciously, I could not understand why I felt guilty because I acted without the intention to hurt and my guidance and logic gave me the green light.  However I noticed how not only I felt bad but saw the feelings manifest physically.  I found myself sabotaging my own work in front of people.  I would be doing something I already knew how to do, but I was making mistakes and then feeling embarrassed for those mistakes. A few months after this ordeal I had this big revelation when I woke up and was told “In the same way you judge, you will be judged” Then They explained further: “It does not mean that in the same way you judge others, others will judge you.  It means The way you judge others, You, will judge Yourself, and not only judge but also punish because habitually humans seek justice as oppose to peace”.  Judgment and punishment are subconsciously tied together and are part of the old paradigm and something we have to break away from.
So, because They told me that, I meditated and asked: Have I accused anyone from hurting me and if so, what was the punishment I was seeking for that person so that I could feel justice was done?  Sure enough, my ex-husband came to my mind.  He is the only person I have actually told “You hurt me” and I realized that subconsciously I was seeking for justice and justice for me meant that the perpetrator should be punished being shamed in public for what he has done.  I also realized that this was the pattern that was embedded in my subconscious since childhood as I come from a culture that openly shame kids who misbehave as a punishment for their actions.  It was then when it made sense how I was self-sabotaging myself in public making mistakes and feeling embarrassed for them.  It also made me see how the subconscious mind does not discern.  It did not matter that it was me who committed the wrong doing, it only took action based on the programming it received, so it did not matter that it was me who was accused of hurting someone, my own mind applied the punishment so it became true how in the same way my mind judges and punishes others, I, will be judged and punished by my own mind for my own acts.  It was not until all this was revealed that I realized why my Inner guidance also gave me the green light.  It did not give me the green light to do what I did because it was beneficial for then, but because breaking through the guilt and self-punishment of my own mind will bring long lasting effects for the rest of my life.  Humans have goals but the soul has greater plans that are only revealed when the conditions are right. 

Peace is Healing: Peace is the perfection of justice.  Justice is an act, Peace is a state of being.  You can be at peace even though justice is not at your side and you can achieve Justice and still not be at peace with your situation. I had to realize that the only way to release guilt and shame was by releasing the desire to judge and punish the ones that hurt me.  Otherwise, if I hurt others, I will punish myself eventually because the subconscious mind does not know how to discern.  The subconscious mind does not care who did it, it cares that the trigger happened then it acts based on its programing. So instead of seeking justice, seek Peace.  In the story of Mary Magdalene, Jesus does not command the people to follow his orders, instead he makes them think: “He that is without sin may cast the first stone at her”.  This makes them aware of their own behavior, it brings the subconscious behavior to the conscious mind, revealing the pattern it was following.  Once they are fully aware, they release the stone.  The stone represents both judgment and punishment.  When you release both, then there is no one to hurt, not even you.  When you pick up the stone, you are aware of how much the stone can damage because you feel how big it is, how heavy it is, how much force you will need to throw it out.  So before you even throw it, you know it is a weapon to ill.  Now, imagine that same stone coming back at you, because eventually, it will come back to you.  Release the stone and you will release the damage.  Release the judgment and you will release the punishment.  Release the pattern and you will set yourself free. 

"Humans have goals but the soul has greater plans that are only revealed when the conditions are right"

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