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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Ghost of Christmas Past…The End of Fear

A friend of mine triggered a very important question. “If you could turn back time, what would you do differently, using the wisdom you have now?”

My friend and I were both dealing with stiffness in our back.  She told me how this has happened before to her years ago and it was interesting that other similar situations were happening that made her think this whole thing was very familiar to what happened to her years ago, so I asked her the question, we talked about it she was able to find resolution and relief for her situation.  So, for me, it was similar where this stiffness was very familiar to the one I experienced almost 15 years ago, so I searched within to find out what could be triggering this reaction.  Then I remember that at the time I had the stiffness I wanted to change my life but stopped myself from doing it.  I was working at a great company and had great coworkers but I did not enjoy what I did.   I wanted to use my creative abilities more, so I decided to go back to college for digital media and design. At that time I was pressured by my husband to not leave my job since it was a source of income and brought stability to the home.  What I wanted and thought could handle was to work part time and go to school full time but agreed to do the opposite to keep the peace at home.  I was doing good in school but became afraid that my bosses would find out and fire me for taking classes different from the career I was already in, so I kept it quiet to keep the peace.  I was able to finish one semester with excellent grades but I was not celebrated or even encouraged to keep going.  It seemed like I had to hide this from people and the few people who knew did not care, so I found the whole thing to be very discouraging.  I did not know it at that time but unconsciously not being able to talk about my dreams and goals openly, plus fear of displeasing people, plus lack of support from loved ones and myself discouraged me from going back so unconsciously I started finding reasons different from the subconscious feelings to stop myself from continuing the changes in my life.  Now that I am more aware and conscious of my actions and reactions and even my subconscious patterns I can see that the girl I used to be did not know that all she needed was HER OWN approval and support to empower herself to continue with her plans.  Yes, I am a different person now and after experiencing who I was, I can tell you that I have nothing but love and compassion for the person I used to be and in her honor now I do the things I always wanted to do. 

The reason why I am feeling stiffness in my back similar to the stiffness back then is because my subconscious is showing me a pattern I used to follow but because I have acquired new wisdom, I do not have to proceed in the same way I used to anymore and my subconscious mind wants to bring this out into the light so that I can recognize this consciously and consciously make choices from my new wisdom instead of the old one.  I am not married anymore but I still have loved ones in my life.  What triggered the stiffness was that a person who I consider a loved one had an inaccurate view about the way I was making one of my dreams come true, so by feeling criticized and unsupported by this loved the old pattern of stopping myself from continuing almost overpowered me.  Subconsciously a stiff back means immobilizing yourself due to some fear.  However, I know deep down that our growth and expansion is our birthright.  Actually, you cannot stop anything from growing and expanding.  Everything in Nature is an example of it, so I knew that this time I was not going to stop myself from implementing my birthright of growth and expansion. I also knew that this stiff back is really not fear living in my body but fear LEAVING my body because I recognized it, shifted my perception and that healed me to give birth once again to a better version of myself, the one that keep getting closer to meet her higher self.

Unfortunately, humans limit themselves because of detrimental believes and perceptions stored in our subconscious.  What happens is that because you limit yourself you think everyone else should have limits so humans create rules to make it “fair” for everybody, not knowing that this is all created out of fears stored in our subconscious mind.  The same way I limited myself because I was afraid to disappoint people, my husband back then had financial fears and limit himself and tried to influence limitations in me.  In that same way the new person who I call a loved one has fears that limit her life but instead of working on them she tried to influence limitations in me.  That is not healthy for any of us and we all deserve more from this life, not less because life itself is limitless!  But how can you shift your perception so that you become fearless and unlimited???

Where ever you are now, stop and look around you.  See all the things that surround you and notice how limited your eyesight is.  Can you see China from where you are?  Can you see the Eifel Tower from where you are? I bet you cannot, but you know they exist.  Now think about all the things you have ever wanted from life and see if you see them now within your surroundings?  Are you surrounded by all the things you always wanted? Probably not!  Understand that seeing yourself and your life from VISUAL SENSORY PERCEPTION creates limitation and feelings of lack.

People talk about humans being created in the same image of “God” or humans being the “Universe” but they seldom think and live their life from that perspective.  I used to think it was hard to think and act from this perspective too until I had an awesome breakthrough and will share this with you. Yes, we are made in the same image of God and we are the Universe, we are our own Universe projecting ourselves into this reality. Now, visualize this:  Feel yourself as expansive as the Universe, boundless not just in space but in richness, in choices, in opportunities in energy that can be transformed into material form.  Now see yourself projecting yourself here into Mother Earth.  Because you are projecting yourself here, imagine the projection to be a long strand made of the same energy as the Universe; like a kite on a thread being held by a little kid.  Mother Earth is not your source; Mother Earth is a living organism just like us, projecting herself from her own Universe just like us and in the same way we are here interacting with other humans, Mother Earth is here to interact with us and us with her.  That energy thread that connects us with our own Universe is the same thread that connects us with everything we have in our own Universe. All the unlimited energy, power, life, wealth, wellness and of course LOVE.  We are all interconnected so that we can interact with each other and through this interaction we bring to manifestation all the material abundance that exist in this world. However, understand that each one of us is our OWN Universe and therefore our own unlimited source of everything.  Therefore, you do not have to limit anyone in order for you to have what is rightfully yours and you do not have to limit yourself for others to have what is rightfully theirs.  Tap, into your own boundless Universal abundance each and every time.  Our interaction is in the sharing of such abundance.  When you see yourself from this perspective then you can be at ease that there is no one to please so that you can be rewarded, there is no one to compete with so that you can “earn” a living and there is no one to force out of the way so that you can get ahead.  Nobody can steal your dreams.  Nobody can take your wealth.  There is nothing you can take from anyone even accidentally or on purpose and no one can take anything from you either.  Nobody can stop you from growing and expanding.  We are all free and we are all connected to unlimited abundance that is rightfully ours.

  I loved you then, I love you now and always will.
You are courageous as you are beautiful.   

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