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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Advice from the Inner Child

  • When you love me, you love yourself. Honor every piece that composes your being. Be in love with your heart, be amazed by your mind.  
  • You are worthy of all your wholesome desires whether you have someone to share them with or not. Accept all that is yours when it comes.
  • Your True Nature is Innocence, learn to forgive yourself for not knowing you have hurt others or yourself. Set yourself free to reflect your true state of Innocence.
  •  Your heart doesn't want to be right, your heart wants to be happy. Share the wisdom you have acquired without imposing on anyone's beliefs. We all have the right to create our own magical world.   
  • You did not come here to die for anyone and your job is not to save anyone either. Your job is actually a lot easier than that. Just get up every morning, brush your teeth and show that big smile to everyone you encounter. People take a mental picture of everything they see, show your kindness with a big smile they can remember you by. 
  •  If someone is sad, remind them of their greatness. If someone is happy, celebrate along with them. If someone is angry, remember their greatness. If someone shows gratitude, accept with graciousness.
  • If you are sad, express it without blaming anyone. If you are happy, express it with grace. If you are angry, express it without victimizing anyone. If you are grateful, express it lovingly. 
  • Be always ready to play and win. Do not limit yourself by thinking that you have to wait for your turn or that you have to compete to play. New rules of the game: All play, all have fun, all win, because the Universe is our source and it is boundless and timeless.

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