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Monday, April 4, 2016

Impulse and the Heart

Impulses are ideas that come from the innocence of the heart and the innocence of the heart is an aspect of the soul.  Impulses are ideas that the soul has about the things it would like to experience next.  The soul says: “This! I would love to experience this”. The thing is, that impulses are great as ideas only, they are not so good when we act them out “impulsively” because the right conditions or resources or wisdom to carry them out may not be available yet. 

I wanna belly dance!

This is when our logic side should come in but not to stop us from doing it but to find out what is needed in order to experience that idea with the same good feeling as when the idea was born.  So, don't get worked up about not having the right conditions, resources or wisdom to make the dream of your heart a reality now.  But, have your eyes, heart and intuition open for when the right resources appear. 

In the meantime, put all the dreams you would love to experience but don't have the necessary things to make them happen, inside a drawer in your heart until you get what you need... and just trust.

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