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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Magicians, Wands, Spells and Leaps of Faith


A magic wand is a prop.  Real magic comes from and through the magician, the healer, the shaman.  The magic wand is only a prop intended to distract attention from the magician and for people to have a visual that magic truly exist, specially in this reality where people look for tangible proof to believe in something. It is a mind trick created by the magician to deter attention from what is really going on.  Magic wands do hold some power but they cannot work by themselves and they do not work when the person who holds it does not know where or how to direct the power.  The most important power a magic wand has is amplifying the vibration of the magician and therefore enlarging the magicians capabilities making him/her more effective. When the magician uses his/her wand, the wand becomes an extension of the magician who's powers become amplified by the wand.  The magician direct this power through the wand to the object and when people see the magician using the wand they also direct their attention to it and believing that there is power coming from the wand gives support to the power of the spell the magician uses.  The wand has amplifying power because it has been affected by the current or previous magicians who set an intention to the wand so that it can serve the magician.  The more magicians setting intention to the same wand, the more effective and precious it is!

Another important aspect to mention is that, Yes, wands have the power to amplify the vibration of the magician, but it is the magicians job to hold a vibration that is wholesome, pure, loving and wise, in other words, a vibration of the highest good.  A magic wand, in the hands of a person who is infected by hatred, greed and ignorance, will only amplify those feelings.  Therefore a good magician must always stay wholehearted and righteous.  This job is not easy.  A good magician knows that a loving intention alone is not enough.  A good magician understands, feels and knows the nature and interdependence of our universe, how it works, how it came to be, how it responds, how energy moves, how vibration resonates, the probabilities of future realities based on present conditions and resources and past behaviors and codependency. A good magician understands nature so well that he/she can connect, blend and move with it peacefully and consciously.  By doing this, the magician can take into consideration the larger picture in order to affect a detail of life. Only by experiencing all this, the magician can create a spell that will influence an outcome effectively.... And becoming a magician, a shaman, a healer is not an overnight trip. This is a path that must be journeyed internally and in complete solitude and darkness, then, encountering the most debilitating fear, conquering it, breaking through it all and coming out through the other side with absolute and unbreakable faith!  We become a true diamond! That, is the path of the magician, but it does not, at any moment give him/her "powers".  What the magician gains is total freedom from constrains and delusions from mind and emotions, giving space for powerful energy to work through the magician. A magician is not a person who makes magic. A magician is the one who is able to let go of his/her identity as human and blend entirely with the energy this universe holds to redirect the energy consciously and with the highest intention to benefit all sentient beings.
There is also a collaboration from all parties for magic to happen too.  For a frog to become a prince, not just the girl has to have the wholehearted desire and believe that the frog can become a prince; also the frog has to have that wholehearted desire and believe that it can be a prince. It is more like: 
girl: "I'm gonna kiss you so that you can become a prince?"
frog: "I'm already a prince, so kiss me and you will see"
Pooofff... Magic happens! LOL... It's true!
The spell holds half of the power... However, the spell has to have the right words to shift something or to produce results because it is direct communication with the forces or energy that hold the current conditions together.  Most words are meaningless, they just fill the space with noise and take away noble silence. Words are a mean of communication but our society does not use it effectively or with wholesome intentions. Words can be very powerful, but they are powerful when they are in alignment with our thoughts, feelings and actions.  The magician knows this and knows how to align him/herself and create the right speech to communicate with the energy that the magician is looking to change, create or terminate.  It goes in this order: Magician, Intention, feeling, wand, words, action! Poofff! Here's your rabbit!

Photograph by Jayne Walther

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