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Monday, April 6, 2015

From A Place of Pure Magic... Among friends

Mariela: Go ahead, ask me anything!
Alex: Ok, what is the meaning of Life? 
Mariela: Well, the question is wrong
Alex: Why?
Mariela: Because it is redundant.  Life is meaningful PERIOD!  You put the meaning into life and it is what ever it means to you.  If you think life sucks, then that is what it means to you.  If you think life is great then that is what it means to you.  It all depends on the value you give to it and the value you give to it depends on the effort you put into your life.  
So, it is Effort -> Value -> Meaning.  That is what life is.  And when I say effort, I do not mean “struggle”.  Effort is how much you are willing to feel, how much are you willing to love, to let go, to experience.  Effort is how eager you are of living your life.
Alex: Ok… That was nice
Mariela: Nice?!?!  It is true, not just nice!
Alex: I mean Good.  It was good
Mariela: Go ahead, ask me something else
Alex: Ok, who is God?
Mariela: Again, the question is wrong.  If you are looking for someone to be GOD, then you are asking the wrong question and because you are asking the wrong question you are not going to get an answer at all. 
Words are very powerful and sometimes we want to discover something and the pure intention inside our being is to get the true answer BUT we do not give the right words for the exchange in communication between question and answer.  How do you think you are going to get an answer if you are asking the wrong question? 
Give your words for the question the intention you actually have.  So, before you even ask the question, you have to look within to find out what is that you truly want to know.  If you want to know Who God Is, then the question is not: Who is God? The question is: Show me GOD…  Show me the experience of GOD.  Then you receive the answer because you are not really asking, instead, you are AFFIRMING that there is a powerful force we call God… Whatever that is.  Something that is divine, not from physical form.  And, when you are affirming that this exists, then it will be revealed to you.  Whatever you believe in, you will see.
Alex: How did you get to know so much?
Mariela:  I don’t.  I have never said this before.  I am just letting the heart speak.
Alex:  What do you mean? I don’t understand?
Mariela:  One day I decided to get my mind free of constrains and let my heart finally speak.  This is what happened.  I have never said this before.  Not in this form anyway.  Whatever I experience in sublime form, it stays with me more as an experience in my mind and feelings, but it is not until I write or someone asks me that they become words. 
What ever I told you I have actually experienced, but I have never put words for it.  If it were not for your question, the words would have never existed.  So, thank you for transforming my experience into plain English.
Alex: No! Thank you! That was actually good.
Mariela: Well I am glad it has helped you…. So, what else is bothering you?
Alex:  Well…Sometimes I do not know if I am making the right decision or not and I do not want to make the wrong decision. You know what I mean? I would hate to look back and feel awful about it.
Mariela:  Well, life is in a constant state of flux.  This is why we have to look for stillness.  From stillness we can see where we came from, where we are and where we could go.  Anyway, you say you want to make the right decision, so that implies that you have more than one choice in front of you.  Trust me! Having choices is way better than feeling trap because you have only one choice and it is not something you really want.  Feeling trapped is the worst feeling.
Alex: Yes, but how do you make the right choice, the right decision?
Mariela: When you have choices, there is no bad decision. When we have a lot of choices we desire clarity so much in order to make “The Right Decision”.  However, when there is no clarity and multiple choices, that is a call for us to make a choice…Any choice, then more information is revealed.  The reason there is no clarity is because there is no more information, but when we make a choice and take action towards it, then more information is revealed then we can see further into the future.  Pretty much we are able to see if the choice we made will take us into the right path or not.  And, it is not that bad if it seems like it is not going to be as beneficial as we thought.  Think of it as shooting basketball hoops.  The first ones are never quite good, so you say “That was a practice one”.  Apply the same theory here.  If you have multiple choices and need more clarity to know the decision will be the correct one, just pick any choice and if it is not working out you can say “That was just for practice”  Then, rearrange things and make another choice that seems better.  No need for apologies, practice makes perfect.
Alex: Yeah, but how do you still know it will be the right decision, even the second time or the third time you change your mind
Mariela:  You really overthink, don’t you!?!?
Alex:  I guess
Mariela:  Well, if you want to make sure you are making the right choice then listen to your heart.  What would make you really happy?  Think of yourself five years from now.  Would the Alex of the future be happy?  Would he thank you for making that decision?  This is your future we are talking about. 
Alex: Yes, but there are so many rules!! It is exhausting.  That’s why I keep thinking!
Mariela: Rules were only made for people who do not have self-discipline.  They were made to make people accomplish a goal. If you develop self-discipline you will find a way to reach your goals always…. Because you are disciplined!  To reach for the goals you can think outside the box.  You don’t need no stinking rules! Who cares if you followed the rules or not, you achieved the goal!  Just make sure you are decent. That’s all.  Always have wholesome intentions and act accordingly.
Alex:  I think you have told me enough
Mariela: I hope it moves you forward.
Alex:  Thank you.  It's helping.
Mariela: No, thank you.  I appreciate your questions and I love how deep they make me go to get the answers.  So, keep asking me questions…. Let see how deep this mind goes! 

Art by Marino

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