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Monday, June 6, 2016

Not a Dull Moment Ever!

In the summer of 2014 I was told: "Rejection is not refusing someone.  You do not reject the person; you reject the experience that person is offering. Every time you interact with someone new, you actually give birth to a whole new world that did not exist before and it can go as deep and broad as you keep the relationship.  Energetically the depth of that experience can be too much for the other person to handle at the moment so they say “No” and that is ok because not everyone can handle opening up a new world because when a new world opens up, Personal Expansion comes into play and some people may no be willing to expand into that direction. Truly, we all can feel the energy of where we want to go and we will follow that.  Some with more resistance than others but eventually we expand into the direction of where we flow, so if someone says no to you, they are not rejecting you, they are just not willing to expand into that direction.  Either that whole new world is energy too new for them to recognize and follow or it is to strong to handle or just not where they are naturally flowing to. And it can be temporary too, maybe they are not willing to give birth to that new world just yet, but that can change based on changes that happen in life because everything is impermanent anyway.  Instead of worrying about people saying no, what you have to be sure is that the world you are offering, the experience you are offering is truly the essence of YOU.  So, what is that you want to offer?  Define that. How worthy is it? How worthy are you? How do you value yourself”

It was a great explanation that made me work on discovering myself deeper and love who I am and what I have to offer and to become confident about it.  The Universe also provided plenty experiences for me to practice at a job where people could tell you NO constantly.  Eventually I gained enough confidence and wisdom to the point that it truly does not bother me when I hear the word “No”.  I don’t feel rejected or angry or resentful etc. It’s a great feeling not to have that feeling LOL!

Well, today, I was reminded of this and “They” added: “Know that you offer nothing but expansion. NOT A DULL MOMENT EVER! Remember that”.  I wrote it down, then five minutes later, in a work related incident someone told me not to ever call again…. I just had to laugh.  I thought to myself “I guess you don’t want this expansive and exciting opportunity I am offering you? Oh well… I guess I will just have fun with the ones who say yes” and I truly meant it, I truly feel it.

I believe that we should make it part of our life to discover who we truly are and love every aspect of it so that then we can offer it to who ever says yes to it, knowing that the ones who say yes are the ones who are here to sustain that world that is being born for the time being and that this new world is expanding us, growing us, evolving us.  It creates less anxiety; No more pleasing people who are not even meant to be in our life.  It’s ok to say Yes, it’s ok to say No, but more importantly, say YES if you truly want to say YES, even if some things surrounding your decision are just circumstantial, because those circumstantial things may be keeping you away from what could be the greatest world you have ever opened up… The world of your dreams, the world you were asking for!  So, lets just flow where our nature goes, enjoy the interactions that are born from them and let’s say Yes courageously!

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