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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Learning and Nurturing Abilities

From the wise three year old in me:
"It takes me longer to learn
It takes me longer to understand
It takes me longer to find solutions.... But this is changing.  As I practice I develop my brain and as I nurture myself I evolve as human"
It is important for me to take my time to first understand how important a subject is so that I take interest in learning how to do, resolve or maintain something.
The reason why three year olds ask "Why" a lot has two parts:
1.  The sense of curiosity and exploring is natural
2.  They want to UNDERSTAND why the subject is important in relationship to their life.
Without an adult explaining the importance of the subject in a way a child would understand, the child's mind will refuse to learn.
The first seed to plant when training a child is to capture his/her attention.
Second, we have to keep the child engaged.
Third, is to keep track and celebrate his/her success,  correct errors and give more practice time or find other ways to teach/train the child if he/she is not succeeding.

Fear tactics such as punishment, criticism (whether constructive or destructive), score keeping, winning/loosing ranking, etc... will not work for advancement. These tactics only bring ego forward as a protective response from these practices and will shut the child down or will make the child retrieve and hide or even fight back, which can fill the child with anger, resentment, shame and even guilt. The action of retrieving or fighting comes from the animal side in us.  It is related to ego: Scanning for danger, recognizing is there and projecting an enemy to then take protective or offensive action.  You may force a child to do a task anyway and the child may comply but the child will do it only to find RELIEF from the oppression.  The motivation to do a task is only to find relief and make the situation go away.  There is little to no desire to learn in order to evolve or become better. Eventually the constant repetition of doing a task will make the child learn and evolve and two things could happen; the child may start liking the task and becoming better at it or dislike the subject entirely and drop it as soon as he/she has the freedom to do so.

Nurturing abilities work better when we find the best way to teach a child certain subject.  When we force them to learn, we ran into the posibility of building resistance in the child, manifested as anger resentment, fear, procrastination etc.  The sense of curiosity is always in a child.  It comes naturally and our job as adults is to nurture the child's mind.  First we have to find ways to make him/her understand how important the subject is or will be in his/her life.  To state the importance, we must find the right words in a language that children understand.  Fable stories are the best ways to communicate with the mind of a child.

Children live in a world of sensory perception more than logical thinking.  Many adults forget their early childhood experience and trust other adults who also forgot how their young brain worked to educate their children, so, there is more forcing and jamming information into the brain than nurturing abilities. When we are born, we go from being free spirt/energy/life force to be contained in a intelligent, organic and material body that our spirit has to get used to.  This means we have to learn how to use bodies and brains to gain perspective and advantage and be able to function in this world of form.  In the beginning and up until we start getting schooled, our mind operates the way our spirt knows best, by sensing, feeling, experiencing everything around us, then our body, mind and emotions translate that experience into knowledge we can comprehend with our young human mind.  However, this is very personal and it is where perceptions are formed in our minds and perceptions have both delusion and true wisdom and it takes discernment to know which is delusion and which is true wisdom.  This is where adults come in.  Adults should be able to GUIDE little children with discernment.  However, because most adults have forgotten how their mind used to work when they were children there is not much guidance going on and it is just sad.

The good news is that most children are right and more in touch with their true nature than adults... It is just a matter of keeping that true nature and innocence alive.
Again, fable stories are the best way to explain a child why something is important and worth learning, doing or following.  It is important to repeat the message in different forms so that the child can learn that there are different ways of understanding something.  This also ignites more curiosity and wonder in a young mind.  Once you have a child engaged into taking action and learning something, repetitive tasks should be assigned to gain PRACTICE and FOCUS.  Ego, not only is scanning for danger, but it is also scanning for ANYTHING, therefore DISTRACTIONS get in the way of learning.  Anything that helps our attention focus into what we are doing is worth trying.  Meditation and dexterity exercises are great ways to focus our mind in order to train it to stay with the task at hand in order to avoid distractions, laziness and even procrastination.  Again, stating the importance of learning a task or a subject and remember that we are nurturing abilities to reinforce the child's learning process.

Children naturally understand things through their sensory perception and along with discernment, both can lead them into living a successful life when they become adults. Now, when we nurture children and train them to focus their attention and practice a particular task, we develop their analytical and critical thinking, problem solving part of the brain that will also lead them to live a successful life when they become adults.  Consequently, when you do both, allow the child to keep their natural sensory perception learning process and help the child develop their analytical, critical thinking and problem solving part of the brain, you will create an adult with both emotional and rational intelligence.  An adult who can be empathic of its surrounding and confident enough to take matters into their hands.  An adult who uses his/her soul and intelligence is a true human.

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