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The Siwarqinti is born in the highlands of the Andes where the wind sounds like flutes, the heart of the land beats like drums and the soul sounds like a lonely guitar.  Meant to be, she grew up surrounded by wise man and wise women in her community who were supported by a large ancestry of Incas, Duchicelas, Quitus, Caras, Shyris and many other indigenous cultures, which traditions were passed on, in spite of life changing historic events, and are now embedded in the mestizo lifestyle of her homeland. 
Originally, I did not know I was a Siwarquinti.  Living what I thought it was a "common" life in Ecuador I was blind to shamanic traditions of my own community. They were so common that did not seem to hold anything special. Tales of medicine people and rituals, earthbound spirits, gods and goblins, they were all very normal, they seemed just ordinary.  It took a leap of geography, time and faith to take the veil off my eyes to realized the extraordinary heritage and traditions that my culture, people and ancestors posses. 

"An ancient prophecy, says when the 
  Eagle of North America and the Condor of South America unite, the spirit of peace will awaken on Earth. After waiting for millennia, many native peoples believe the time is now."  
The Eagle and the Condor by Jonette Crowley 

Events, which I call my "Spiritual Tornado" led me to seek for answers and solutions.  It was when I read the above quote that I realized what I was doing and where it was going to take me.  You see, I never felt that my heritage, culture or I, held anything special because treasures are usually placed right in front of our noses and because they are so close, sometimes we don't think they are treasures.  That was exactly my case but there is a reason for everything and there are no coincidences.  Throughout every lifetime we are put where we are supposed to be and guided where we are supposed to go.  There is only one question, "Would you allow guidance or would you be dragged there?" Willingly or unwillingly, evolution will take place and always for the highest good.   
The place I was born, was the place of my birthright but I had to travel thousands of miles and stay a sleep (spiritually) for many years before I realized that the above quote was true.  My first teacher Vickie Penninger, of U.S.A. descent, brought the Incan teachings to North America, where she, as North American Eagle, passed them on to me, South American Condor, waking up my Andean soul and unwinding my Siwarqinti spirit.  I received from Vickie the Munay-Ki rites based on the initiatory practices of the Q'ero shamans of Incan decent in Peru and taught The Four Wind Society.
As I completed the rites, it became clear to me that I was morphing into the Archetype of the Siwarqinti which means Royal Hummingbird.  This archetype symbolizes building the courage and fearlessness to fly the epic journey and stoping to savior the sweet nectar of life.  It also represents our ancestors and heritage. 
In the midst of it all, I stumbled upon a documentary of native Andean animals and birds on BBC.  It showed that hummingbird Andean Hillstar lives in high altitudes in the Andean mountains of Ecuador and every night will go torpor and hibernate through the frigid temperatures almost making its heart stop until the sun beams hits its body in the morning.  It is amazing that hummingbirds are petite but can really accomplish great things.  They can fly a long journey and do it alone, they can fly in high altitudes and survive frigid temperatures.  While going through a Spiritual Tornado and Awakening I understood what the Munay-ki rites were preparing me for.  To me, the Royal Hummingbird archetype represent resilience and a strong will to live while accomplishing the epic journey and I believe it is a bird of true confidence in its abilities and faith that is backed up by a strong lineage of ancestors who have accomplished the same epic journey.
After realizing of the commitment and journey I have undertaken I had a dream where I was instructed to go to two particular places in my homeland.  When I was able to get there it become clear that the whole trip was made for me to reconnect back to my roots, ancestors and take the Siwarqinti  as my archetype and power animal.  Also, when I came back I understood that the trip to Ecuador was the initiation of the epic journey of the Siwarqinti as the pilgrim of the rainbow, the divine feminine and peace.  Ever since, everywhere I travel I bring these gifts with me.  I share them with all living beings including our beloved earth Pacha Mama.  I come alone, I come in peace and bring healing, love and light to whoever I come in contact with.  It is part of my origins and my journey and as I travel my faith grows stronger because just as the hummingbird I KNOW that I am supported by a powerful lineage of ancestors who have given me solid proof that I will be safe, cared for and loved every step of the way.  I am the Siwarqinti. 

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