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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Miracle or Manifestation?

Miracles happen every day but they are only called miracles when we are at our worst, when we have lost all hope.

When we are at our best and keep our trust high we just call them manifestation. 

The thing is, great things happen all the time and the way we receive them tells you the level of joy or pain we hold inside while waiting for them. 

Many years ago, I had a dream of being a mother and it broke my heart not having a child because I already felt like a mother inside but I had no child to share this love with. It wasn’t until I had a great realization letting me know that this feeling was actually my Spirit making me sense myself in the future to let me know being a mother is part of my life purpose. 

Once I finally realized that the strong feelings I had inside where informing me of what I was built for I eased up on myself and on life. 

I released all anguish and sadness. 

I quiet down all the “what if” chatter in my brain every time it came up. 

I stopped speculating on the worst and instead got lost in gratitude for what was coming to me. 

I built faith and trust from the inside out to keep my dream alive. 

I was 40 when I had my first child and I could have said “It was a miracle” but I already transformed and expanded my intuition so much by using the tools I created in my Empath journey that I welcomed my child knowing that moment was always meant to happen and no one and nothing could have prevented it. I knew he was healthy, I knew he was strong, I knew all was well and I sense this for his future as well.     

So, ease the grip and release the worry you are carrying. You do not have to jump through hoops to make your dreams come true.  What is truly needed is simple and accessible at all times.  What is needed is a deepening with your own self to connect fully with what is truth. Then, instead of living a life trying to make things happen, you will live your life RECOGNIZING the people, places and things that are here to fulfill the wishes of your heart and the call of your soul.    

If you feel like you are losing hope, know now, that what is in your Heart is REAL and meant to be and you can build the trust and confidence needed to prevent you from giving up. I was there also, until I decided to discover what was within me. Not only I gained physical, mental and emotional healing but I also expanded my conscious ability to hear the guidance of my own spirit and that is a gift that keeps on giving.

And the most important thing to know is that this is available for all! You too can do this and I am here for you with the wisdom and the tools to help you navigate your journey. So, instead of dreading the wait and feeling the absence of the things you want, start preparing yourself to receive what is truly yours with trust, enthusiasm and joy. 

Have I seen you before? Probably in my dreams.

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Saturday, October 10, 2020

The Age of Deepening Relationships

Today is 10/10/2020; 10102020 or 202020, which equals 6 and 202020 is a 222 amplified because that is what the zero represents, it amplified the energy of the number in front of it. 

There are many websites and teachings explaining the significance of numbers. For me, my guidance has narrowed it down to show the exact message they have for me, which I will share with you. 2 is the number of relationships and 6 is the number of community.  Having 222 is a triple relationship; relationship to self, relationship to God/Source/Universe and relationship to others.  The Buddha, The Dharma and The Sangha. Your Higher Self, The Higher Truth and a Higher sense of Interconnection with everyone and everything, which comes from connecting with our community which includes all living beings.  Getting to know ourselves, God/Universe/Source and the community can only be developed further as we make a conscious decision to deepen our knowledge of how we relate to one another.  Every time we observe and listen, we have a chance to get to know more about ourselves and the other person and God/Source/Universe.

A few weeks ago I heard during meditation “Accept to Listen” At first it did not make sense but the meaning only came after I was in a group call and the subject was How to understand one another.  It was only then when it made sense because the group held the last piece of the puzzle for me to make sense of the message. The complete message was “Accept that by Listening we Understand one another”.  It was beautiful and truthful but it only happened after I allowed myself to connect with my community.

During meditation we connect within and may receive lots of amazing messages but they can only be applied when we go out in the world and by doing that, we deepen our relationship with the trinity, Ourselves, God/Universe/Source and the Community.  2+2+2=6

When we make a conscious decision to know ourselves better and to get to know God and the community better. We will discover new things we never imagined before.  We embark on uncharted waters and at first, the newly things discovered will not make sense because you have never seen them before and you may want to compare them to something else you encountered before because the mind is too quick to judge.  This is why we have to accept that listening is very important to truly know what we have encountered.  Avoid making assumptions from just partial information and really listen to the whole story to know what you have encountered.  This is what deepening a relationship is.  Not assuming but discovering. When you attempt to assume before you have completely listen not only you miss the chance to know Truth but you may also confuse what is in front of you with negativity or darkness or misbehavior. This is uncharted territory, the waters may be rough, but by staying the course you will arrive safely to where your next level in life is. Instead of speculating based on the roughness of the waves, we wait and just listen until we truly arrive to the true destination.  The destination is not the rough waters, the destination is solid ground, that’s what Truth feels like.  Not dark, not negative, not ambiguous, not like anything else you can compare it to. Truth is solid, welcoming and full of new opportunities. It’s newly discovered land. 

2020 has been a rough year to deepen our relationships, with ourselves, with our faith and with our community. We are in uncharted waters but we have not arrived yet.  We must stay the course and avoid judging so fast.  We are discovering a deeper Truth about everything.  Today is a good day to Accept that we do not hold all the answers, there is more to discover and we must Listen fully to have a better Understanding of who we are, what life is and how to relate to one another to create a better future for the whole world.  

As Ram Dass said "We are here to take each other's home" and in this deepening we need one another. As I listen deeper, I am more effective at guiding you because I not only hear you unfold but I hear a higher voice letting me know what the next step is for you and as I hear both voices, I hear a deeper truth coming up for me as well.  My path has not been shallow because I purposely and lovingly intended it to show me a larger truth so here I am continuing to extend my hand to all who want a more meaningful and fulfilling life offering services for that purpose.

This morning I woke up hearing a song that does not exist. I am not a musician so I could not catch the melody. It was a song made with each word of the dictionary so you had to wait for the singer to go through the whole dictionary to listen to the whole song and it was worth the wait to hear a beautiful song that talked about a beautiful day. 

Happy 202020!

Photo by Songpon Pengnok

This article is the property of Mariela Siwarqinti. No one may alter and/or reproduce it in any way without the express written permission of Mariela Siwarqinti.

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